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by Hannah Barrett, on February 16, 2021

The Beauty of Dashboards There is a lot more to Arkalytics than just a suite of beautiful dashboards, but boy do these user-friendly tools expedite your journey to becoming data-driven …

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by Johnny Connell, on January 14, 2021

My wife and I recently bought a toddler bed for my daughter. It wasn’t an easy decision. As a self-proclaimed amateur woodworker, I’ve long wanted to build my daughter a …

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by Devin Cook, on December 1, 2020

Do you experience frustrations getting answers out of your data? If you quietly nodded your head or maybe even rolled your eyes at such a question, well, you're not alone …

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by Devin Cook, on December 16, 2019

Credit Unions and Banks across the country have been inundated with vendors pushing the 'digital transformation' mantra - but which of these technologies bring the most value to these businesses? …

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by Pearl Moore, on May 14, 2019

We're excited to feature a special guest writer this week, Pearl Moore. She demonstrates and exemplifies one of Arkatechture's most important values - using data for good. With its growing …

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