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Data Management Solutions

Discover the power of implementing a modern data analytics solution for your business. Enable data exploration to discover insights that lead to process enhancements, time savings, and new products and services for your customers.

Contact the experts at Arkatechture to help wrangle your data for business intelligence and executive dashboards.  Make data-driven decisions, foster innovation, and apply data governance best practices all in a secure cloud-hosted environment. 

Want to learn more about Data Lakes?

Check out our infographic then explore each data lake technology below to find the right solution for you. When you're ready to build, message us to get started.

Data Lake Infographic

Which technology stack will work best for you?


Work with our certified experts to design, build, and support your data lake and data warehouse technology stack. We'll help you evaluate each potential solution and then partner with you to achieve maximum value from your data analytics investments.

AWS Data Lake

The AWS Cloud offers essential components for ingesting, storing, searching, processing, and analyzing diverse structured and unstructured data sets.

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Snowflake Data Lake

Snowflake's cross-cloud platform supports diverse data types and storage patterns, empowering users to access governed data across organizations.

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Databricks Data Lake

Databricks empowers data analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning by leveraging complete and authoritative data lakes.

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The Lean Data Pipeline

Your business relies on timely and accurate data to make key decisions, but how are those insights delivered to

Unify your sales, marketing, operational, and financial data with a Lean Data Pipeline. Create a clear view of your business to identify opportunities to grow revenue,
increase margins, and reduce cost.

Use this flexible, technology-agnostic approach to standardize the business logic embedded in your analytical data ecosystem. Host it yourself or let Arkatechture manage it for you.

Get our Lean Data Pipeline Guide Here

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Data Lakehouse Capabilities:

We'll identify the primary data sources critical to your business and then extract and load raw data on a programmatic schedule using an API and ETL tool. Your data lake is then refreshed into a time-series database for historical and trending analysis.

As new data flows in, it is modeled according to your business logic and then conformed across data sources. This single source of truth feeds each unique use case within the business. 

Connect your data visualization tool of choice to the database for self-service analysis. Whether you prefer Excel, Tableau, or Microsoft Power BI - everyone works from the same data & most importantly, data definitions. Schedule and deliver actionable trend & exception reports with ease.

Data Lake Graphic

Top 3 Enterprise Data Warehouse Benefits-04

3 Benefits of Better Data Management 

Self-service Analytics: Democratize data requests and reduce your internal burden on IT resources. Enable users to access and query data with ease. Build your foundation for a data-driven culture.

Advanced Analytics and Insights: Perform advanced analytics techniques including data mining, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Uncover patterns within your data to gain valuable insights for overall business intelligence.

Collaborate & Share: Work effectively within your teams by sharing data and insights. Get everyone on the same page with shared data definitions & business logic. Authorized users across the organization can access and utilize the same trusted data sources to align business goals with the organization's mission.

Ready to get started?

Check out more of our data analysis offerings below

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Data Governance

Give your team the tools, framework, and structure they need to implement an enterprise data strategy.

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Data Strategy

Partner with Arkatechture to build your data analytics strategy and action plan with our guided assessment.

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Deploy financial dashboards out-of-the-box to supercharge your analytics. Crafted from real user stories.

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Predictive Models

Leverage descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytical models as part of your AI and ML strategy.

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