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Arkatechture CUSO

Our CUSO helps credit unions streamline the collection, cleansing, analysis, and sharing of data for the purposes of operational excellence, business intelligence and predictive analytics.

Arkatechture was named 2023 'New CUSO of the Year' at the NACUSO Network Conference. Learn more here!

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Connecting Data for the Credit Union Industry

Arkatechture cuso

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Data Roadmap

Partner with Arkatechture to build your data analytics strategy and action plan with an easy 4-week assessment.

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Ask questions of your data and get answers. Eliminate your backlog of data requests with self-service analytics. 

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Deploy 20+ financial dashboards out-of-the-box to supercharge your analytics. Crafted from real user stories.

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Leverage descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytical models as part of your AI and ML strategy.

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