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Self-Service Workbenches

Eliminate your backlog of data requests. These Workbenches use powerful pivot table-like functionality with an intuitive user interface for self-service data analysis.

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Explore Your Data

Have questions? Get answers fast. With Arkatechture's Workbenches solution, anyone can quickly filter and slice conformed data sets. Members, Transactions, and Loans are just a few subject areas you can start with.

Schedule and automate routine reports to be delivered to your email at a frequency of your choice.

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Democratize Data Requests 

Make data available to both technical and non-technical users to save time and make more informed business decisions. Achieve true self-service data analytics with the proper controls and permissions in place.

A study conducted by Nucleus Research boasts potential ROI in the amount of 968% "where enterprises deployed analytics across most of the organization and used them to align daily operations with the goals of senior management."

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Design & Build Your  Custom Dashboards

Develop and share new dashboard visualizations and automated reports with Arkatechture's Analytics Sandbox. Advanced users have access to write custom SQL queries.

Give your analysts the tools to explore your data and discover new insights with heatmaps, geographical maps, and trendlines.

Want to see more?

Connect with a data expert to see if our Workbenches solution is a good fit for your organization. Take the next step along your data analytics journey to see a demo, request pricing, or ask us a question.

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