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Business Intelligence Managed Services

Database & Analytics
Server Management

Spend more time analyzing your data and less time managing it. Focus on your core competencies and we'll handle the rest. 

Better Management & Better Results
for Business Intelligence Solutions

Arkatechture helps you host and manage database instances, cloud server infrastructure, and data visualization servers to offload maintenance and keep you focused on in-depth analysis of your data.

Optimized Environment

Provision cost-effective, lean solutions to satisfy your organization's demand for business intelligence systems. Tuned for optimal performance to keep queries and dashboards running fast.

Predictable IT Spend

Achieve consistent monthly costs customized to your budgeting needs. Cloud hosting scales with your organization's growing demand for data over time. No up front costs for hardware. 

Help Desk Support

Contact our experts at any time with ticket-based help desk support. Our transparent Service Level Agreements (SLA) provide peace of mind when you need enhancements or extra assistance.