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Data Strategy & Analytics Roadmap

Partner with Arkatechture to build your data analytics strategy, roadmap, and action plan.

As a result of this 4-week program, your team will receive time-bound recommendations to help you achieve goals through your actionable data strategy.

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Week 1 - Define Scope & Begin Data Maturity Assessments

Week 2 - Technology
Assessment & Workshops

Week 3 - Draft & Compile

Week 4 - Final Roadmap
& Action Plan

Week 1 - Scope & Begin Data Maturity Assessments

During the first week we will work with you to ensure we understand your specific challenges. From there, we will craft a project scope and work plan targeted to your organization. 

In order to do that, we will need to understand your organization, culture, governance structure, goals, and objectives from your strategic leadership team. Additionally, we will consider key risks, industry standards, and regulatory requirements that you have identified. 

Data analytics isn't a project that gets completed. It is an ongoing journey that requires time & resource investment in order to drive successful outcomes and a positive impact on the business.


  • Organizational Assessment
  • Operational Assessment
  • Data Governance Review


Interview key stakeholders and define how success will be measured in terms of KPI’s, KRI’s, & ROI.

Week 2 - Technology Assessment & Workshops

We will review your current technology architecture and key data sources.  A successful data analytics journey is not all about the technology, but aligning technology and business strategy to help you maximize the probability of success.

Additionally, we will work with you to assess your overall data management, data governance, and data cleansing strategies. With these assessments complete, we begin the work on drafting and prioritizing the recommendations for your analytics road map.


  • Technology Assessment
  • Stakeholder Workshops
  • Data Quality Assessment


Finalize and review your data maturity scores to identify areas of opportunity for improvement.

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Week 3 - Draft & Compile Recommendations

In addition to a quantitative assessment of where you are on the Arkatechture Data Analytics maturity scale, we will provide you with a set of detailed scores, recommendations, and action plans for you to consider. 

These will be based on Arkatechture's deep experience in implementing successful data analytics programs, and we will provide you with a view of best practices around Data Governance, Operations, and Technology to help you decide where you need to be on the maturity scale.


  • Review reference model & framework structure
  • Develop actionable recommendations based on scores


Translate your current scores into recommendations and begin drafting your customized improvement plan.

Week 4 - Final Roadmap
& Action Plan

As we work with you to understand your maturity aspirations, we will also work together to determine which recommendations are best implemented in which sequence and by whom. 

The tangible output of this is a 1-3 year Road Map, where year one includes more detailed activities, and years 2-3 are more directional. Future check-ins and follow-ups are available to help keep you on track with your plan.

We recognize that business objectives, technology, and the data space are always changing, and we will work with you ongoing to help manage the prioritization process.


  • Rank action items based on impact
  • Assign timeline to execute plan
  • Draft and deliver final readiness report


Prioritize recommendations & set time-bound plan of action to implement changes.

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