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Data Strategy Assessments (DSA)

Implementing a data analytics solution starts with a data strategy purpose-built for the organization. It is aligned with your strategic business goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), and member experience initiatives.  

Partner with Arkatechture to build your data analytics strategy, roadmap, and action plan through a series of assessments and recommended actions.

Gap Assessment: Am I ready for data analytics?

Prioritized Roadmap: What is my playbook?

Projected ROI: What is the value of doing this?

KPI Benchmark: How will I measure my results?

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See why Scott Credit Union decided to work with Arkatechture on a Data Strategy Assessment to build a business case and ROI roadmap to justify an investment into a data analytics platform.


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Get more value from your data in 4 simple steps.

Data Strategy Assessment 4 steps
  1. Assess Data Maturity & Gaps - We'll lead your key business, IT, and data analytics stakeholders through a data maturity assessment focused on identifying gaps in using data to drive your goals. 

  2. Identify Top ROI Use Cases - Define and document your top analytics use cases for creating value through data analytics. We'll help you build a framework for measuring future success with quantifiable benchmarks to calculate ROI.

  3. Build a Prioritized Roadmap - Together, we will prioritize the highest value use cases you can tackle to capture revenue generation, margin enhancement, and cost reduction opportunities. 

  4. Implement, Measure, & Evolve - Execute against your roadmap to implement modern data analytics infrastructure, integrate data sources, build dashboards, and measure your results with a trusted advisor at your side.

Measure your overall data maturity across 5 unique metrics. 

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How effectively do you retrieve, share, and make decisions with data? Are the outcomes tracked?


Does the business have the right people, with the right skills, doing the right work?


How accurate is the data for decision-making? Are new data sources being added and managed?


How well do you leverage processes, tools, and methods to capture efficiencies and value?


How effectively are databases used to drive efficiencies and create value overall?

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Get more value out of your analytics investments with an actionable data strategy & data partner.

Engage Your Members - Build deeper relationships with your members by segmenting them into categories based on like behaviors. Ask questions like 'How can we address the needs of our most loyal members?' 'What about our disengaged members?'

Measure Business Performance - Ideate and design purpose-built dashboards to keep leadership and managers aligned with each team.

Improve Operational Efficiency - What reports can be automated to free up valuable resources to work on other tasks? 

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