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Hear from some of our customers to see how Arkatechture enables them to become more data-driven as a business to better serve their members & customers.

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TEG Federal Credit Union

Discover the detailed steps TEGFCU took during its data transformation journey starting with Arkatechture's Data Strategy Assessment (DSA). Learn how they prepared to implement an enterprise data warehouse for the entire credit union to become more data-driven. 

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Abound Credit Union 

Abound Credit Union was seeking a single source of truth and the automation of manual processes. They searched for a partner to help them build and implement a data strategy in order to achieve their goals. To start, they underwent a thorough Data Strategy Assessment (DSA). 

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Tucson Federal Credit Union 

The TFCU team began their search for a data analytics solution in 2021. They started with a business plan and preliminary study to create a list of requirements for the project. They decided to work with a data analytics partner which led them to Arkatechture.

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People's Credit Union

People's Credit Union is finding the answers to their most important business questions with data, further enabling them to achieve their goals of implementing a new online banking platform, a new consumer lending platform, and more!

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ACV Auctions 

ACV Auctions expedited their internal data requests across the entire company, reducing time to resolution, and enabling seamless reporting and analysis across the business.

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ORNL Federal Credit Union 

With Arkalytics' dashboard customization capabilities, ORNL was able to build a transaction heat map to track all of the transactions conducted through any given channel within a particular time range, and where their hotspots were in any given channel.

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T6 Health Systems

T6 Health Systems chose Arkatechture as their partner for Tableau professional services. Arkatechture provides data visualization advice and helps iterate upon dashboards using agile development to visualize health care processes and adherence to clinical decision support.

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St. Mary's Bank

St. Mary's Bank leverages their ability to custom build dashboards with the Arkalytics data lakehouse platform. They now monitor branch activity to determine the most effective methods and times of day to serve their member's at each branch.

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iQ Credit Union

iQ Credit Union was looking to centralize all of its data in one place. Additionally, they wanted to be more confident in making decisions with their data - no more guessing. Previously, there were conflicts with their data depending on who pulled it (and from where) as their data was spread across many systems. 

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