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Our mission is to build a sustainable organization that enables our employees to do meaningful work, with a great team, and create a vibrant culture that they're proud of. When we join together as a group, we have the ability to care for our community and environment in ways that we couldn't otherwise.
We believe that businesses have a social and environmental responsibility to use their platform for good.
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Plant Based 🌱

When looking at the global environment crisis, there is a single solution that stands out from the rest - switching to a plant based diet. That's why 100% of the meals we purchase as a company for outings and events are plant based.

To give you a sense of the impact: for every 3 plant-based meals served to 40 employees, we save up to 40 animal lives, 825 pounds of CO2 gas emissions, 1,214 square feet of forest, 822 pounds of grain, and 44,530 gallons of water!

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Keeping It Local

Whenever possible, we love to buy local. For Arkatechture, this means that all 260 pounds of coffee we drink each year come from our neighbors at Coffee by Design, breakfast treats are sourced from Holy Donut, and our company events are held at locally owned businesses and restaurants. While we’re by no means perfect, we love taking advantage of all the wonderful goods and services Maine and New Hampshire have to offer!

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Workplace Sustainability

As a technology company, our ecological footprint is fairly low. We aren’t manufacturing goods, we aren’t harvesting any crops, but we are data geeks working to help businesses run more efficiently. As such, our office is our biggest opportunity to practice efficiency and sustainability. We recycle and compost just about everything. Reusable cups, plates, and cutlery line our little kitchen cabinets and single-use plastics are avoided at all costs.

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Season of Giving

When we began looking at ways to give back to our community, we looked around and realized that every employee has a unique charity that they hold near and dear to them. Once a year, Arkatechture donates $100 on behalf of every employee to their charity of choice and many even match this donation personally. 

Throughout the year, we support local organizations that our employees are involved in. We work with our employees to participate directly or to contribute donations towards events that they are passionate about.

We're proud to partner with organizations and technology companies who also have roots in both environmental and social sustainability. To learn more about Arkatechture's services & our commitment to being a sustainable business, please reach out to us via our contact form.

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