Putting information into the hands of decision makers, one dashboard at a time.

Traditional on-premise data warehouses and business analytics servers struggle to scale with your organization as you deploy increasingly powerful business intelligence (BI) and data visualization tools to your executives and business analysts.

To solve this, we built a Managed Services Platform (MSP) in the cloud to deliver data management, reporting, and analytics capabilities for financial institutions that help you discover actionable insights within your data.

Reporting Suite

Achieve excellence with a complete 360° member view, manage branch-level goals & KPI's, and foster a data-driven culture with this full service kit of BI visualization tools.

30+ out of the box reports

Hit the ground running with your choice of dashboards and reports built out specifically for credit unions and banks. Afterwards, put your analysts to work analyzing high-level loan, member and branch details. Give us a call to design new reports & dashboards or let us train you to build your own right in Tableau.

  • Branch Manager Scorecards
  • Loan Workbench
  • Member Targeting
  • Data Quality Improvements
  • Support Marketing, Sales, IT, Call Centers & more!

With multiple workbenches, dashboards and reports designed for each operational arm of your business, everyone has the information they need - accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.

What new insights will your team discover?

branch analytics for credit unions


Create friendly competition within sales teams with detailed score keeping. Manage progress towards individual, branch, or organizational level goals.

loan analytics for credit unions


Start with a top-down view of your entire loan portfolio, slice through to target accounts based on specific conditions and then open the loan to take action.

member analytics for credit unions


Quickly and visually compile lists for marketing campaigns. How many members have a loan open, but haven't considered a credit card account?

data quality for credit unions

Data Quality

Repair data quality defects on the fly. Filter all auto loans that are missing VIN information and create an actionable and exportable list for corrections.

Our automated and advanced analytics and reporting platform integrates all of your data sources through a lean data pipeline.


A Journey into Data Analytics

Stage 1: Data Lake Development 

We'll work with you to identify the core systems that will be integrated into your data pipeline. Daily snapshots are then delivered programmatically into the data lake to create a time-based view.

Stage 2: Dashboard Deployment

Once the data lake is established, data visualization begins for you to start answering vital business questions. Automated reporting also frees up your analysts to return to analyzing rather than manually compiling reports.

Stage 3: Analytical Modeling

With enough historical data you can begin to dive into forecasting with statistical & predictive analytics modeling. Zoom out to discover seasonality trends & more!

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Today's Challenges

empowering data analysts


Analysis capabilities are limited to a select few employees. Backlogs of data requests and manual queries impede a smooth workflow. Business questions are often left unanswered due to resource limitations.

female executive financial institutions


85% of CEO's are no longer confident in their data. To re-establish trust and make key business decisions, we first need to establish a single source of truth with a data lake that combines all of your data sources.

scalability of data analytics in the cloud


As your business grows, the organization naturally becomes hungry for more information. Conventional on-site data warehouses quickly become a burden on balance sheets due to expensive upgrade cycles.

expertise in data analytics consulting


How can you focus on your core strengths without leveraging key partnerships? Adopting a managed service business intelligence, reporting and analytics platform gets your analysts back to analyzing.

“When used correctly, data can be an incredibly transformative tool”

Platform Partners

AWS Amazon Web Services Logo 200px square


Provision the exact amount of computational resources needed on demand with cloud-based Amazon Web Services. Reliable, elastic, secure.

Matillion Square Logo


Matillion for Snowflake is an ELT solution that performs data integration within the cloud. This tool keeps data flowing through the pipeline in a timely fashion.

logo-snowflake copy


Snowflake SQL data lakes are built for the cloud. Your pipeline automatically feeds daily snapshots into your Snowflake Database for data visualization.

tableau logo 2


Tableau provides the graphical user interface layer that executives and analysts interact with. Cut and slice dashboards to gain powerful insights.


Your subscription is a customized, manageable monthly fee based on number of users, resource utilization, and licensing requirements.

Achieve enterprise grade business analytics at scale and maintain ownership of your data on your terms.

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