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Data Warehouse Solution

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Evaluation Process

During your evaluation, we'll work with you to identify gaps, develop business use cases, build a roadmap, appoint stakeholders, and project ROI for your next big data analytics project.

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Platform Implementation

Together we will deploy cloud data management infrastructure, secure & scaleable databases, and data visualization tools in 2-6 months on average to create a unified view of your members.

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Business Value

After your go-live date, you'll have the training, documentation, and hands-on personnel in place to help you grow revenues, increase margins, and reduce costs through data.

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Enjoy this webinar on-demand with Tucson Federal Credit Union. We'll discuss how to analyze your members from both a Macro and Micro level perspective.

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Data Analytics for Credit Unions and Community Banks

Arkalytics is a Data Lakehouse that combines a data lake with a data warehouse, executive dashboards, and predictive analytics. Connect your banking systems through an automated lean data pipeline.

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Arkalytics for Credit Unions

Equip your credit union data analytics team with the tools and expertise necessary to better understand your members. Measure your financials, loan portfolio health, and the impact you make in your community.

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Arkalytics for Community Banks

Expand your data analytics capabilities beyond standard financial reporting. Monitor and clean up dirty data, analyze customer ACH transactions, and explore our full suite of self-service workbenches.

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Integrate your banking systems
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Enable your business to leverage data for better decision-making, operational efficiency, and predictive analytics. 

Support your decision-making process with facts by integrating key information systems into one governed analytical database for true business intelligence. 

Use automation to create business value, free up valuable resources, and reduce errors. Empower self-service analysis instead of spending time on routine reporting.

Segment your members and customers, predict and stop attrition before it's too late, and recommend the next best product at the right time.

See how ORNL Federal Credit Union is using data analytics to better serve its member's needs.

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ORNL Federal Credit Union 

With Arkalytics' dashboard customization capabilities, ORNL was able to build a transaction heat map to track all of the transactions conducted through any given channel within a particular time range, and where their hotspots were in any given channel.

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A trusted partner at every step:

We help you identify business use cases and establish KPIs, enabling you to quickly capture value and measure the ROI of your data analytics efforts. Additionally, we'll work with you to identify key stakeholders central to your success.

Our certified team of engineers, analysts, and project managers will guide you through our industry-leading implementation process for data lakehouse deployment. You'll be ready to maximize your new analytics capabilities from Day 1.

Unlock the full potential of your analytics investment. A successful technology implementation requires both business and user adoption. Collaborating closely with you, we deploy powerful analytics solutions throughout your organization and provide the advisory and training necessary to become more data-driven.

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Data Analysis Tools to Get More Done in a Fraction of the Time


Build Trust in your Data Analytics Practice

  • Improve data quality
  • Measure cleanup success
  • Establish your data governance framework

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Leverage Self-Service Analytics Capabilities

  • Answer ad-hoc questions
  • Democratize data requests
  • Build new reports & dashboards from scratch

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Pre-Built Financial
Reports & Dashboards

  • Expedite analytics adoption
  • Deploy tools for analysis
  • Start with out-of-the-box reports & dashboards

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Segment your members
  • Predict & prevent attrition
  • Cross-sell with timely next best product offerings

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We definitely made the right decision when choosing a vendor. The expertise Arkatechture brings to the table is just out of this world. And when you have a question about something, they are right there with an answer. Arkalytics is the complete package. It just blew us away.

Not sure where to begin? Choose your adventure.

Data Strategy & Roadmap
Custom Development

Testimonials from the service desk

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The folks at Arkatechture have been great, they work very well with us and our culture. They’ve got no ego and a real 'roll up your sleeves' attitude.

We could not have survived our recent core system conversion without their expertise.

Their flexibility and adaptability has helped them secure their position as a valuable and dependable partner.

Not only do we have the ability to view and act on data when we need it, the time savings have been significant.

Absolutely fantastic, and thank you for the quick response. Some days it's getting updated info on the little things that helps it all move forward!

Thanks for the quick response and great partnership!

Thanks for being available to provide the info, fast turn around on the original question and on follow-ups. Much appreciated.