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Data Analytics for Credit Unions

Align your analytics ecosystem with key strategic goals to grow revenues, acquire members, and boost margins.

Build and access your financial reports and dashboards from anywhere.

Arkalytics combines a Data Lakehouse with business intelligence, executive dashboards, and predictive analytics. Connect your banking systems through an automated lean data pipeline.

We're partnering with AWS, Glia, and ThinkStack to support credit unions & their digital transformation journey. Grab the PDF today!

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Credit Union Analytics Solutions

Optimized and right-sized to deliver value along each stage of your data journey

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Give your team the tools, framework, and structure they need to establish an enterprise data strategy.

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Ask questions of your data and get answers. Eliminate your backlog of data requests with self-service analytics. 

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Deploy 20+ financial dashboards out-of-the-box to supercharge your analytics. Crafted from real user stories.

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Leverage descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytical models as part of your AI and ML strategy.

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We definitely made the right decision when choosing a vendor. The expertise Arkatechture brings to the table is just out of this world. And when you have a question about something, they are right there with an answer. Arkalytics is the complete package. It just blew us away. - Credit Union Analyst

Not sure where to begin? Choose your adventure.

Data Strategy & Roadmap
Custom Development

Customer Stories & Informational PDF's

The Guide to Credit Union Data Analytics

This 19-page guide is the full package. It contains everything you need to know about data and your credit union.

Learn from these experienced CU's! Some of the topics covered in this eBook:

  1. Why you should invest in your data
  2. The 5 stages of your data journey
  3. Designing your analytics ecosystem
  4. Driving ROI through data analytics
  5. The 5 major challenges of data analytics

Download the full guide to learn more and become data-driven!

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Download the Full Guide Today!

ORNL FCU - Arkalytics Case Study

ORNL Federal Credit Union implements Arkalytics data platform.

The credit union's strategic goals necessitated an expansion of their 3-person data team. 

In search of a managed cloud data warehouse, ORNL FCU was referred by Amazon Web Services to Arkatechture’s platform, Arkalytics.

Integrations: Symitar Episys, PSCU, CUDL, Roundpoint, Silverlake, Openclose

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St. Mary's Bank - Arkalytics Case Study

St. Mary’s Bank was established as the first credit union in the nation in Manchester, New Hampshire, in 1908.

The credit union decided to overhaul their data management strategy, but needed expert help to meet their goals on time.

With Arkatechture's help, St. Mary's Bank transitioned to a cloud-native solution hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other key technologies that make up the Arkalytics solution.

St Marys Bank Arkalytics Case Study


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The 5 Stages of Credit Union Data Analytics

Are you ready to reach the next stage of your data analytics journey?

  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Support decision making processes with facts
  • Better serve your members and partners

As trusted advisors & hands-on data experts, Arkatechture can help you design,
build, govern, and manage your data analytics program.

Learn more about how to achieve your goals through data analytics in this quick downloadable guide.

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Get the full Guide Today!

Data Analytics for Credit Unions

Credit Union Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Platform

Are you looking for a better way to analyze your banking & financial data?

Arkalytics is an end-to-end business intelligence platform that combines a fully managed automated data warehouse with an entire suite of financial reports and executive dashboards.

In this PDF, you'll get an introduction to the Arkalytics platform and learn how a data warehouse can help you become more data-driven.

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Get the full Arkalytics PDF Now!

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People's Credit Union 

People's Credit Union is finding the answers to their most important business questions with data, further enabling them to achieve their goals of implementing a new online banking platform, a new consumer lending platform, and more!

More Testimonials

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 Actionable insights across every department, deployed in a fraction of the time

Loan Workbench

Simplify your credit union's loan portfolio analysis and replace thousands of custom queries with one powerful tool. 

Member Targeting

Quickly and visually define user segments based on a number of customer behaviors. Compile new marketing lists in minutes.

Data Quality Dashboard

Quickly identify and act on data defects. Easily push corrections back to your origination systems. Track your progress over time.

Branch Manager Scorecard

Create friendly, but powerful competition within your branches by setting realistic & achievable goals that drive new business.

Indirect Auto Dealer Report Card

Evaluate your dealers and reach out with new information that helps them drive sales and encourage more loan applications.

20+ Workbenches, Reports, & Dashboards 

From Marketing to Originations to Collections, we've built reports for all departments across the organization.

Testimonials from the service desk

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The folks at Arkatechture have been great, they work very well with us and our culture. They’ve got no ego and a real 'roll up your sleeves' attitude.

We could not have survived our recent core system conversion without their expertise.

Their flexibility and adaptability has helped them secure their position as a valuable and dependable partner.

Not only do we have the ability to view and act on data when we need it, the time savings have been significant.

Absolutely fantastic, and thank you for the quick response. Some days it's getting updated info on the little things that helps it all move forward!

Thanks for the quick response and great partnership!

Thanks for being available to provide the info, fast turn around on the original question and on follow-ups. Much appreciated.