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Harness the power of your data.

Empower executives and analysts throughout your organization with self-service business intelligence.
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Arkalytics is an end-to-end business intelligence solution that combines a fully managed cloud-based data warehouse with an entire suite of financial reports and executive dashboards.

It serves as an advanced analytics and reporting platform that integrates all of your data sources into a single source of truth through an automated lean data pipeline.

Business Intelligence for Credit Unions & Banks

Hit the ground running with up to 30 out of the box reports and dashboards built for financial services institutions


Baseline includes our workbenches, data quality rules engine, data driven alerts, automated report scheduling, & more.
  • Full Data Warehouse Deployment
  • Core Integration Included
  • 20 Total Dashboards
  • Subject Area Workbenches
  • Data Quality Rules Engine

Analytics Edge

Analytics Edge subscribers leverage data science to apply descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive data analysis techniques

Everything in Premium, plus:

  • Member Segmentation Model
  • Member Attrition Model
  • Next Best Product Model
  • New Analytical Model Releases

Loan Workbench

Replace thousands of custom queries with one powerful tool. Drill to detail from a large portfolio down to individual loans.

Member Targeting

Quickly and visually define user segments based on a number of customer behaviors. Compile new marketing lists in minutes.

Data Quality Dashboard

Quickly identify and act on data defects. Easily push corrections back to your origination systems. Track your progress over time.

Branch Manager Scorecard

Create friendly, but powerful competition within your branches by setting realistic & achievable goals that drive new business.

Indirect Auto Dealer Report Card

Evaluate your dealers and reach out with new information that helps them drive sales and encourage more loan applications.

Workbenches, Reports, & Dashboards Included

From Marketing to Originations to Collections, we've built reports for all departments across the organization.

 Our Competitive Edge Is Now Yours


Unlike traditional data warehouses, our dynamic data lake ingests raw data nightly to create a 'golden copy' of your data. Connect your core, loan origination, mortgage, marketing systems, and other data sources together to create a central repository for analysis.

Self-Service BI

Countless hours and manual efforts are expended every day to query and collect reports in business operations. Self-service business intelligence simplifies, automates and streamlines operational reporting without the help of IT so that you can get back to analyzing.

Updates Included

Reap the benefits of a fully managed BI Solution / Platform at a fraction of the cost of building and maintaining a Data Warehouse in house. Your subscription to the Arkalytics platform includes regular maintenance and your choice of support tier to match the goals of your organization. 

Data Security

Built with Banks and Credit Unions in mind, Arkatechture voluntarily undergoes independent audits to verify our data security processes. Best in class data security protocols are implemented to meet and even exceed industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Customer Stories

The folks at Arkatechture have been great, they work very well with us and our culture. They’ve got no ego and a real 'roll up your sleeves' attitude.

VP Business Intelligence

We could not have survived our recent core system conversion without their expertise.

VP Loan Servicing Manager

Their flexibility and adaptability has helped them secure their position as a valuable and dependable partner.

VP BI Systems Manager

Not only do we have the ability to view and act on data when we need it, the time savings have been significant.

Director of Business Development

Tasks that used to take weeks to complete have been reduced to a single hour, shrinking our setup costs by up to 89%!

- Solutions Architect

Cleanse your Data

Get started with data quality rules designed to keep your financial data clean and accurate. Sort and filter by a specific rule, defect type, or by individual employee then track your cleanup success over time.

Arkalytics data quality rules engine clean data

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