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At Arkatechture, we...

Arkatechture Core Values 1 of 2
Arkatechture Core Values 2 of 2
Career Opportunities

But most importantly... we LOVE data.

We play with and learn from it every day to help make it relatable, human, and fun. Arkatechture began in 2012 with a passion for information, business, and getting things done. Today, we are a team of data lovers and technical experts who use our skills to help businesses of all sizes harness, utilize, and optimize their data. 

Jamie Jackson Arkatechture

Jamie Jackson

Arkabot Founder & CEO

sm_0032_Susmi Sengupta.jpg

Susmi Sengupta

Chief Information Officer

sm_0021_Katie Eagan.jpg

Katie Eagan

Chief Operations Officer

sm_0027_Pat Lapomarda.jpg

Pat Lapomarda

Director of Data Science

sm_0017_Howard Lombard.jpg

Howard Lombard

ISO & Chief Architect

sm_0026_Nick Marshall.jpg

Nick Marshall

Senior Software Engineer

sm_0020_Justin Bond.jpg

Justin Bond

Data Engineer

sm_0025_Marc Roberge.jpg

Marc Roberge

Data Engineer

sm_0002_Nate Fuller.jpg

Nate Fuller

Data Engineer

Jackie Gillis

Jackie Gillis

Data Engineer

sm_0011_Daniel Benedict.jpg

Daniel Benedict

Junior Data Engineer

Terrence Jones2

Terrence Jones

Software Engineer

Ryley Higgins

Ryley Higgins

Junior Software Engineer

sm_0029_Ryan Smith.jpg

Ryan Smith

Senior Financial Analyst

sm_0001_Mike O'Connor.jpg

Mike O'Connor

Senior Consultant

sm_0028_Peter Doyle.jpg

Peter Doyle

Business Analyst

Matt Curtis-1

Matt Curtis

Manager, Business Intelligence

sm_0004_Amy Elliott.jpg

Amy Elliott

Senior Consultant, Business Intelligence

sm_0012_Darren Fishell.jpg

Darren Fishell

Senior Consultant, Business Intelligence

Abigail Skelly

Abigail Skelly

Senior Project Manager

sm_0000_Ivette Tapia.jpg

Ivette Tapia

Data Scientist

sm_0007_Ben Richey.jpg

Ben Richey

Junior Data Scientist

sm_0009_Ceara Sweetser.jpg

Ceara Sweetser

Data Analyst

sm_0001_Aaron Rose.jpg

Aaron Rose

Data Analyst

sm_0023_Lindsey Foster.jpg

Lindsey Foster

Production Support Manager

sm_0001_Yash Punjabi.jpg

Yash Punjabi

Data Analyst

Owen Ahlborn

Owen Ahlborn

Junior Data Analyst

Katie Fish

Katie Fish

Junior Data Analyst

sm_0003_Alicia Levesque.jpg

Alicia Levesque

Data Visualization Analyst

sm_0000_Brandon Sowell.jpg

Brandon Sowell

Data Visualization Analyst

Tami Somers

Tami Somers

Senior Staff Accountant

sm_0013_Devin Cook.jpg

Devin Cook

Sales / Marketing Manager

sm_0006_Arkabot Employee Headshot Place Holder.jpg

Johnny Connell

Head of Sales

sm_0006_Arkabot Employee Headshot Place Holder.jpg

Chandler Dupré

Named Account Manager

sm_0006_Arkabot Employee Headshot Place Holder.jpg

Jon Taylor

Channel Business Development Representative

sm_0014_Gage Benson.jpg

Gage Benson

Business Development Rep

Lisa Gleason

Lisa Gleason

Talent Sourcing Specialist

Perks & Benefits

Joining the Arkatechture family means a whole lot more than healthcare, dental, and a generous 401k match. In an effort to enhance the lives of ourselves and those around us, there are many additional advantages to working here, check them out below!

Valentines Day Surprise 2019-1
Open Concept Office - Portland, ME
Sit/Stand Adjustable Desks & Collaborative Atmosphere!
Unlimited coffee and popcorn arkatechture
Fresh Pots & Pops
Unlimited Coffee & Popcorn Available All Day!
Arkatechture company outings trivia night
Company Outings & Arka Day Events
Trivia, Board Games, Skiing, & More!
Arkatechture Season of Giving Holiday 2019
Arkatechture Season of Giving
Community & Charitable Contributions!
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Career Opportunities & Job Openings

We are always on the lookout for inspired Developers, Analysts, Designers, and other data enthusiasts to join our team. So if you like coffee, popcorn, memes, and a challenging yet open work environment then you might just like it here.

Career Opportunities