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Enhance your member experience through data.

Credit Union Data Analytics

Arkalytics offers a powerful, customizable data warehouse solution for credit unions seeking to elevate their reporting & business intelligence capabilities. Our comprehensive solutions + services approach provides the tools and resources necessary to help you become more data-driven.

Your employees will be able to measure portfolio health, streamline processes, and unlock the power of predictive analytics.

From my experience, the people at Arkatechture are very skilled in making sure that the standards they apply and the security regulations they’re using are very appropriate for credit unions. Consequently, I am happy to recommend Arkatechture and Arkalytics to other credit unions to help them manage their data and understand their members. - VP & Director of Business Intelligence

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Join us and Abound Credit Union for an upcoming webinar on Aug 20th to help prepare your Credit Union for Data Innovation and 'What's Next' with Abigail McGraw from Abound CU and Melissa Pomeroy from the CCUA.

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Key Financial Reports, Dashboards, and Customization

Enjoy a full suite of configurable standard dashboards in addition to a toolkit to build new dashboards for each unique use case.

Branch Manager Scorecard

Manage progress to goals on a daily basis,
drill to goal detail by product and representative. Encourage friendly competition to achieve production goals.

Self-Service Workbenches

Empower business owners to answer questions without an analyst. Drill into loans, deposits, or members then compile month-end snapshots into automated reports.

Build Your Own Dashboards

Leverage the underlying data model, tables, and views to quickly design new dashboards to visualize current & future challenges. Query data across all systems & sources.

Become data-driven & reap the rewards.

How will you use Arkalytics to achieve your strategic objectives?

Actionable Insights

Go beyond standard dashboard content to create new data visualizations to track KPI's for each department and use case.

Increase Revenue

Increase income through smarter cross-selling and improve underwriting criteria for faster loan decisions.

Operational Efficiency

Capture value through automation and optimize your operations. Spend more time analyzing your business.

Monitor & Reduce Risk

Dynamically monitor risk for loan portfolios, analyze ACH deposit trends, and track exposure to regulatory compliance issues.

Clean up Dirty Data 

Leverage the data quality rules engine to identify and remedy data defects. Define & create new rules to enforce business logic.

Drill-down Analysis

Don't wait on IT. Give your employees role-based access to slice-and-dice data to answer vital business questions in minutes.

Your Trusted Data Analytics Partner


St. Mary's Bank

St. Mary's Bank leverages its ability to custom-build dashboards with the Arkalytics data lakehouse platform. They now monitor branch activity to determine the most effective methods and times of day to serve their account holders at each branch.

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New CUSO of the Year! 

NACUSO selects CUSOs that have done an outstanding job of adding value to credit union members, creating an innovative solution to a problem, reducing operational costs, and increasing income.

CUSO Services

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Data Analytics Resources for Credit Unions

The Comprehensive Guide to Data Analytics

This 19-page guide is the full package. It contains everything you need to know about data and your credit union.

Some of the topics covered in this eBook:

  1. The justification for investing in data
  2. The 5 stages of your data journey
  3. How to design your analytics ecosystem
  4. How to drive ROI through data analytics
  5. The 5 major challenges of data analytics

Download the full guide to learn more and become data-driven!

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Download the Full Guide Today!

ORNL FCU - Arkalytics Case Study

ORNL Federal Credit Union implements Arkalytics data platform.

The credit union's strategic goals necessitated an expansion of their 3-person data team. 

In search of a managed cloud data warehouse, ORNL FCU was referred by Amazon Web Services to Arkatechture’s platform, Arkalytics.

Integrations: Symitar Episys, PSCU, CUDL, Roundpoint, Silverlake, Openclose

ORNL FCU Arkalytics Case Study cover image

Read the Full Case Study Today!

St. Mary's Bank - Arkalytics Case Study

St. Mary’s Bank was established in Manchester, New Hampshire in 1908.

They decided to overhaul their data management strategy but needed expert help to meet their goals on time.

With Arkatechture's help, St. Mary's Bank transitioned to a cloud-native solution hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other key technologies that make up the Arkalytics solution.

St Marys Bank Arkalytics Case Study


Read the Full Case Study Today!

The 5 Stages of your Data Analytics Journey

Are you ready to reach the next stage of your data analytics journey?

Download this guide if you're looking to:

  • Achieve operational efficiencies through automation
  • Support decision-making processes with facts
  • Better understand & serve your customers

Learn more about how to achieve your goals through data analytics in this quick downloadable guide.

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Take the Next Step on your Data Journey Today!

Data Analytics for Credit Unions

Are you looking for a better way to manage and analyze your banking data?

Arkalytics is an end-to-end business intelligence platform that combines a fully managed automated data warehouse with an entire suite of financial reports and executive dashboards.

In this PDF, you'll get an introduction to the Arkalytics platform and learn how a data warehouse can help you become more data-driven.

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Get the full Arkalytics PDF Now!

Data Quality Rules Engine

Mergers & Acquisitions
Overwhelmed with the amount of data and system integrations for an upcoming acquisition? Stage your data and clean it up before the merger for peace of mind.

Core & Banking System Conversions
Prepare for a smooth conversion with our robust data quality toolkit. Customize each rule to enforce business logic defined by the business for true data governance.

Measure & Celebrate Cleanup Success
Quickly identify and act on data defects then monitor defect cleanup progress across business areas and users. 


Explore each feature of Arkalytics below

data strategy assessment & roadmap

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Data Governance

Give your team the tools, framework, and structure they need to implement an enterprise data strategy.

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Ask questions of your data and get answers. Eliminate your backlog of data requests with self-service analytics. 

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Deploy financial dashboards out-of-the-box to supercharge your analytics. Crafted from real user stories.

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Predictive Models

Leverage descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytical models as part of your AI and ML strategy.

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