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Business Intelligence Consulting

Deliver timely information to key stakeholders, visualize your data, and forecast the trends of tomorrow.

Turning raw data into actionable insights

For the past 10 years, Arkatechture has helped businesses become more data-driven by providing the technical and professional expertise necessary to act on data. Prior to that, we worked at the largest banking and retail operations in the country. Now, we are pleased to offer these same enterprise-level decision-making systems to you.

Facing Today's BI Challenges

Disparate Data Silos

Analyzing information across separate systems becomes a challenge as your list of data sources grows. We'll build a Single Source of Truth and pipe all of your data into one place for analysis. 

Manual Workflows 

Get your analysts away from data wrangling and back to adding value. Define & automate data extracts & reporting schedules to deliver the right information at the best time possible.

Internal Bottlenecks

How many times have you built a new ad-hoc report just for it to go unused? Reduce the burden on your team with self-service BI to answer business questions in a fraction of the time. 

Custom Built
BI Solutions 

Tailor made to your requirements and specifications, customized business intelligence solutions can be built on-premise or in the cloud. We'll work with you to select the best in breed tools and design the business rules & logic that will deliver timely insights to your decision makers.

Managed Service
BI Platforms

Leverage our expertise with a serverless business intelligence environment. Decide which source systems will be integrated, plug them in, and start analyzing your data. A platform based solution is best when you'd prefer to hand off system support and spend more time creating value for your customers.