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Dashboards and Financial Reports

Deploy 20+ dashboards and reports out-of-the-box to supercharge your data analytics and business intelligence adoption. 

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Need a better way to visualize your data?

Embed business logic within each data visualization to track key performance indicators and align management with day-to-day operations.

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Use cases for all

From marketing, to originations and loan operations - we've built a dashboard for that.

Track key performance indicators and manage thresholds with data-driven alerts. Embed your business logic within each data visualization.

Each dashboard is crafted from user stories and workflows to capture operational efficiencies and strategic insights.

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Foster user adoption

Use visualizations like the User Adoption Dashboard to track utilization and frequently used dashboards. This type of analysis helps answer questions like:

  • What dashboards are our users relying on the most (or not using at all)?
  • Which licenses can switch over to a new analyst (inactive users)
  • Are people using the dashboards we built or creating their own?

Partner with Arkatechture to boost adoption through optional training classes on Structured Query Language (SQL) and BI tools like Tableau to get hands-on experience using your data!

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You can have it all

With Arkatechture's Reporting & Dashboard solution, you'll receive the following benefits and features in addition to the 20+ Dashboards & Reports: 

  1. Data Lakehouse, data model, licensing & hosting
  2. Data Quality Rules Engine
  3. Analytics Sandbox (build your own dashboards + SQL)
  4. Dedicated help desk support
  5. Community resources & tools for collaboration
  6. Direct path to analytics, artificial intelligence, & machine learning

Want to see more?

Connect with a data expert to see if our Dashboards solution is a good fit for your organization. Take the next step along your data analytics journey to see a demo, request pricing, or ask us a question.

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