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Credit Union Predictive Analytics

Leverage descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytical models using statistical analysis as part of your artificial intelligence and machine learning strategy.

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Check out our guide here to explore the different types of analytical models that can help accelerate your ROI from existing data & digital investments.

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Segment Your Members

Address your member's needs in the most effective way possible. Group like members with weighted factors such as tenure, current products, balances, and more.

With proper segmentation, you can visualize and better understand groups that have similar needs. Great tool for marketers that want to add personalization to their campaigns.

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Predict & Stop Attrition

Identify the factors and behaviors that contribute to account-level and member-level attrition.

With the pattern identified, you can step in with proactive action to address and prevent attrition before it happens.

Recommend New Products 

Use predictive analytics to see what product and services a member might be more likely to purchase next.

Compare market segments to build campaigns that drive new product growth and adoption.

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Connect with a data expert to see if our Analytics solution is a good fit for your organization. Take the next step along your data analytics journey to see a demo, request pricing, or ask us a question.

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