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Data Governance Accelerator

Give your analytics team the data governance framework and structure they need to support your data analytics strategy.

Our Data Governance offering takes an advisory approach. We provide the templates, guidance, and tools required to establish your self-sustaining data governance practice. 

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Build trust in your data analytics practice.

Only 5% of enterprise executives have a high level of confidence in their data per HFS Research. Do you have all of the data you need to become data-driven? 

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Boost Your Data Quality

Develop and deploy data quality rules to identify defects at the source. Leverage root cause analysis to design process improvements that reduce defects over time with Arkatechture's Data Quality Rules Engine.

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Identify the Suspects & Celebrate Cleanup Success 

With proper metadata tracking in place, you will create new data points with each data quality cleanup. Create accountability within each business line to build a data-driven culture.

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Build Confidence in your Data Analytics 

A mere 5% of enterprise executives have a high level of confidence in their data according to a study conducted by HFS Research. 

Establish your data governance program to build confidence in your data to make informed business decisions that help grow your business.

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