The Power of Data Analysis with Arkalytics

by Hannah Barrett, on February 16, 2021

The Beauty of Dashboards

There is a lot more to Arkalytics than just a suite of beautiful dashboards, but boy do these user-friendly tools expedite your journey to becoming data-driven. Once you have the proper data infrastructure in place, it is 10x easier to leverage existing dashboards or even develop new custom ones for every business use case you can dream of. 

With the power of Arkalytics, you will leverage powerful data visualizations with drill-to-detail functionality to analyze all of your data across multiple sources. From marketing, to originations, to collections, we've built reports for all departments across your organization.

Lets take a look at just a handful of the many dashboards available to answer your day-to-day questions, for proactive and sensible decision-making!

Watch the video below to get a peek at some dashboards!

1. Book of Business

Quickly and visually define user segments based on a number of customer behaviors. Compile new marketing lists in minutes. The book of business dashboard shows the ages of members, what types of accounts they hold, and where members are located or began their memberships. 

2. Deposit Ops Dashboard

The Deposit Ops Dashboard shows share type and membership types which can be filtered down to the specific areas you would like to look at.

3. Loan Workbench

Replace thousands of custom queries with one powerful tool. Drill to detail from a large portfolio down to individual loans with the Loan Workbench.

4. Branch Analysis Dashboard

The Branch Analysis Dashboard contains the who, what, and where transactional data which can be queried easily by clicking directly on the charts.

5. Data Quality Rules Engine

Become confident in your data by addressing and routinely fixing data defects at the source with one of our most vital tools, the Data Quality Rules Engine.

With Arkalytics, you can become data-driven too!

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