United Community Bank Upgrades Data Analytics Infrastructure with Arkatechture

by Hannah Barrett, on November 7, 2023

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United Community Bank is partnering with Arkatechture to build the data infrastructure needed for their team to become more data-driven.

United Community Bank's Data Journey

United Community Bank (United Community) was established in 1950 and believes in combining top-of-the-line financial solutions with award-winning satisfaction for their customers.

As a smaller bank that has grown to a midsize bank, United Community has been considering taking on a data analytics program partner for years due to their limited internal resources. As a result of their speedy growth, United Community has accrued a lot of technical debt leading to a much-needed rebuild of their data infrastructure. Previously, too much energy was being spent by their analytics teams on acquiring and getting their own ETL done. They wanted their analysts to be able to focus on reading the tea leaves, not just plumbing the data.

Why United Community Chose Arkatechture

The United Community team chose Arkatechture as their partner to help them achieve their data goals for a few reasons. They felt that Arkatechture was a good match because of the high level of confidence they had in the team, as well as the good relationship they had built. They also appreciated the tool matching, common technologies, and working in the cloud database which is exactly the direction they wanted to go. Another aspect they appreciated about Arkatechture is their flexibility in types of projects.

The United Community team looks forward to achieving industry-standard data model best practices, and improved efficiency through their partnership with Arkatechture.

Patrick Burns

Data analytics is kind of like a video game, you have to win level one and beat it to get to level two. We haven’t beaten level one, but we are very interested in levels 4 and 5 when we talk with our executives. As we get through this, one of the things that is going to open up is: we will be ready to bite off things like cloud data base, and moving more of our data mart off-prem into a Snowflake technology or similar. I think we are getting some fundamentals out of the way at this stage to open possibilities to modernize other parts of our infrastructure, and build that foundation to be scalable” commented Patrick Burns, Director of Analytics and Reporting at United Community Bank.

The United Community team foresees this positively impacting their customers through their middle and back office teams being a more responsive knowledge base, and becoming faster decision makers with improved support capabilities to help lenders do better, faster.


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