TEG Federal Credit Union's Roadmap for Data Transformation

by Hannah Barrett, on April 16, 2024

Evaluating TEGFCU’s Readiness & Identifying Opportunities (& Roadblocks) For Success

Based in Poughkeepsie, New York, TEG Federal Credit Union (TEGFCU) was started by a group of teachers in 1969. Today they serve nearly 40,000 members. With their quickly growing member base, TEGFCU understood that to continue being successful and delivering quality service to members, they needed data in the hands of their internal decision-makers. The importance of harnessing their data was evident, but where to begin on such a project was daunting.

The TEGFCU team wanted a clear roadmap to help them tackle their data journey, but needed guidance to prioritize their initiatives effectively to become data-driven in a way that would deliver value back to their members. They started this journey with Arkatechture's Data Strategy Assessment (DSA).

The senior management team understood that in order to continue being successful and delivering the quality of service that our members have come to expect, that we need to get the data in the hands of our internal decision-makers in a way that’s easily digestible, and that gives them actionable insights.”

-Victoria Arico, Business Analyst at TEGFCU

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TEGFCU's DSA process resulted in: 
  • Identification of redundant reports
  • Identification of redundant processes
  • Streamlining reporting mechanisms
  • Eliminating duplication
  • Improved overall efficiency
  • A clear and actionable roadmap
  • An empowered team ready to harness the full potential of their data

I can’t imagine launching something like this without doing a DSA- because if you didn’t do it, it would be like drinking out of a fire hose, right? So, I think that you have to do it - you have to.”

- Cory Shapiro, Chief Operating Officer at TEGFCU

TEG FCU case study cover

Check out The Full Case Study


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