Make Your New Years Resolutions A Reality- With Data!

by Kayle Simpson, on January 31, 2017

"New year, new me" everyone always says around this time. When we talk about New Years Resolutions, we usually reflect inwards: we aim to develop good habits, break bad ones, maybe a new career is on the horizon.. I even cut all my hair off! Change is usually a good thing - so why limit it to just you? Surely, your company has some yearly goals- and with data those goals are easily acheivable!

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Here are some ways data can help you and your company company acheive your New Years Resolutions: 



So your company probably wants to increase profits, raise brand awareness, get better at communication, or something along those lines - which is great! But how will you know when and if you ever reach those goals? In order to properly measure your success, you'll need to quantify your resolutions. 

For example, if you want to raise brand awareness- what does that really mean? It will be different for everyone, but you could use your number of social media followers, the amount of inbound links to your website, or get really fancy with focus groups and market surveys. No matter what you choose, you have to make sure you can measure it!



Automation is a word on everyone's mind right now- but it doesn't have to be daunting, scary, or steal your job. Our kind of automation makes your job easier and more efficient, not replace it!

Let's say you chose to measure your social media followers this year- great! But your job is more than just monitoring every follower- you might have blog posts to write (like me!), meetings to attend, and other important work that distracts from your goal. Luckily, monitoring can be automated! You can choose to get daily reports sent to your inbox, or get really fancy with Slack notifications when you reach a benchmark. 


Customer Experience

Customer Experience is more than just a buzzword - people are beginning to expect more than just a product or service out of your business. Creating pleasant experiences related to your brand is what differentiates a successful, growing business that thrives in today's changing economic climate- and one that gets left behind. If improving CX isn't on your company's New Years Resolution list.. it should be!

While measurement and automation are great on their own, they are so much more powerful when you can use them for actionable good for your customers! Not sure what I mean? Check out our blog post about a few companies using customer data in creative ways!

Technological Advancement

So maybe your company's a bit more advanced, and you're looking to dive into emerging technologies like AI and chatbots this year. Guess what's at the heart of these new technologies? Data, of course! 

Let's say you're an online retailer building a Facebook chatbot that allows customers to check up on their order. There are a lot of moving parts in this: your sales data, customer's information, inventory, shipping, and Facebook. If they aren't all in the same place- like in a data warehouse- making a functional and easy to use chatbot won't be possible. 

What are your company or organization's goals for 2017? Let us know in the comments!

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