4 Retailers Killing It With Customer Data

by Jessica Dugas, on January 3, 2017

Most retailers understand the importance of collecting customer data. Yet, so many aren't putting this collected data to good use. Using personalized data to enhance the customer experience is what keeps customers coming back for more. Here are four examples of retailers killing it by using their customer data. 



Amazon is the king of making a personalized shopping experience, using their individual customer data. There are many examples of this, but here are a few of my favorites.

1. They use your name often, but without over doing it. - Humans love their names, so tastefully using a customers name on something like their shopping cart, can help to build a positive relationship between your customers and your brand.

2. They also pay close attention to what you view and purchase, and then use that data to give you killer recommendations. 




Ikea is all about the customer experience, and they improve this experience solely on data they've collected from their customers. For example, they found that many customers were bringing their children to shop for furniture, which can make the buying experience much more difficult for parents. To solve this issue, they added child care centers in their stores.

Ikea also found that because many people spend hours browsing furniture, many would leave the store to go get food, so Ikea added restaurants into their stores to eliminate this inconvenience.

A last example is when they discovered that customers would return items because they didn't like the way it fit or looked in their homes, they created a mobile application that allows customers to view pieces in their homes before purchasing with an augmented reality. 




This past year, Walgreens has implemented Hadoop data processing software in an attempt to improve their customer data. This new system in one instance, has allowed the pharmacy to improve their mobile application and convenience, giving customers the ability to refill prescriptions from almost any device, including Apple Watch. 




As a personalized apparel company, the most important customer data that this company capitalizes on is the customer name. They send their customers emails and flyers with some of their most popular shirt designs, but instead of placing a random name on the designs, they use yours! It sounds so simple, but it's really helpful to see the actual design before making a purchase. 


Hopefully this list inspires you to do more with your customer data! If you're ready to get started, or are not sure what's right for your business- we'd be happy to help!

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