Digital Transformation Strategies for Credit Unions in a Data-Driven World

by Hannah Barrett, on June 26, 2024


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The power of data and CRM for credit unions: Driving member engagement and enhanced financial services

70% of CRM projects fail to meet expected outcomes. A primary reason for this is the gaps in the data presented to the CRM. Data and CRM are the two pillars you must build upon to reach your goals and grow as a credit union. 

For credit unions, data and CRM are the keys to:

  • Enhanced member insights
  • Personalized member experiences
  • Market competitiveness
  • Enhanced member engagement
  • Improved member retention
  • Cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Automated marketing and sales
  • Comprehensive member profiles
  • Predictive analytics

So. Much. Value. 

So we really build this unified database in order to reach this member 360 complete profile. When you have all of this quality data, you can really define  the persona, and really make sure that when you're communicating and engaging with your member, they fall within the right category of engagement...'OK I know exactly where in the journey the member is.'"

If you can see by their behaviors where they are and if they're facing an issue, you can actually be proactive with your member...with marketing for example...Campaign effectiveness and the ability to really see what the response is of those members"

- Sebastien Forget, President & CEO of Solutions Metrix

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One of our goals for our credit union partners- we want to replicate the experience you have in branch, in a digital manner. And in order to do that, you need all the data points. You need all the data coming into your CRM in a structured way. And you know, Gen Y, Gen Z - they're going to be less inclined to go to a branch, so it is becoming increasingly important to have the strong data and CRM backbone to be able to support providing an excellent digital experience."

- Tyler Schneider, Head of Sales & Partnerships at Arkatechture

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Learn more about the importance of data and CRM for credit unions in the full, free webinar!

Watch The On-Demand Webinar Here

Solutions Metrix and Arkatechture are committed to leveraging their collaboration to empower credit unions with a comprehensive approach to data analytics, CRMs, and digital transformation to enhance the member experience.

The partnership will allow credit unions to take actionable steps with clean, accurate data to ensure a consistent and seamless experience for members across all touchpoints. This is all made possible by capturing synergies within the enterprise data warehouse (analytical data) and CRM platform (operational data) technologies within the business

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