15 Data Related Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

by Kayle Simpson, on August 9, 2016

Believe it or not, Twitter has a very active and thriving data community full of developers, scientists, analysts, and vizzers. Whether you're new to Twitter and are looking for some great accounts to follow, or you're a seasoned tweeter looking to freshen up your newsfeed - this list is for you! Let's dive in!




When I asked the Arkatechture team for suggestions for this list, Kirk was the (very immediate) first response. Kirk has an extremely impressive resume and is one of the biggest influencers in the data industry. He's a must follow for anyone interested in data!




BigDataGal aka Lillian Pierson is a great person to follow if you're new to data. She founded Data Mania, a learning resource for aspiring Data Scientists. She also posts a lot of insightful data quotes, like this one:




If you're a fan of Reddit, you probably already know DataIsBeautiful. This Twitter account is a feed of all posts from /r/DataIsBeautiful and is a great source of data visualization inspiration!



Brit Cava is one of the most enthusiastic data vizzers out there - and her tweets are very reflective of that. In addition to being a Data Visualization Consultant, she's a Tableau Social Media Ambassador, and an advocate for women in tech. 




If in addition to being a data enthusiast, you're also a politics buff or a sports fan - you need to follow FiveThirtyEight. They're a team of journalists, led by founder Nate Silver, who put data visualization front and center. 



Mona is a brilliant Data Journalist who sketches very creative data visualizations, usually on taboo topics, and posts them on her Instagram. Luckily, all of these visualizations also go to her Twitter feed! (Some tweets may be NSFW, but it's all about data!)




Lisa is a vizzer and blogger currently documenting her days as an NPR fellow on her daily blog "The Lisa Project." She has a great eye for aesthetics when it comes to designing vizzes, so if you are looking for pretty vizzes to inspire you, you must follow her!




Lindsey Poulter is an up and coming vizzer, and no stranger to the Arka team - at least on Twitter! She's very active in the #MakeoverMonday community, and has inspired some of our own vizzers with their work!



If we're giving shout outs, we have to include A Cloud Guru. Not because we're obligated to, but because they taught our developers about Amazon Web Services! Three of the Arka Bots are AWS Certified - which you can read more about here!



Love science, and have a sense of humor? You'll love this account! 



A Tableau Zen Master and Analyst at Spotify, Peter Gilks is a must follow! He also runs a Data Visualization blog, Paint By Numbers



Giorgina is an Information Designer and Cofounder of a data design studio, Accurat. She also is the co-author of the upcoming data visualization pen pal book Dear Data. She also posts a lot about art, culture, and visualization history!


Stefanie is a talented Information Designer, and the other half of the aforementioned book, Dear Data. Her sense of humor and culture commentary are worth a follow as is!



Andey Kriebel may very well be the reason for the vibrant data visualization community on Twitter. Andy is responsible for #MakeoverMonday, the weekly Tableau challenge that has the community all vizzing the same data. It's a great way to get involved, whether you're a data newbie or a seasoned veteran!



Last but not least, Mara Averick is a non-profit and sports loving "data nerd" who also has an adorable French Bulldog with his own Twitter account



You know I had to! If you don't already follow us on Twitter, you should! We're always tweeting about new posts on the Arka Blog, fun things happening in the office, and cool data news! Who knows, we might even follow you back!

Have anyone to add to our list? Let us know in the comments!

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