Why Manufacturers Shouldn't Wait To Move To The Cloud

by Jessica Dugas, on February 23, 2017

Manufacturers rely on data to improve process and make production more efficient, so they should have the most efficient data system. Leveraging the cloud for data storage is great way for manufacturers to collect, integrate, and analyze their data to push ahead of the competition. 



Cut Major Costs

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to cut excess costs and increase quality production. One of the easiest ways to do this is by moving your systems to the cloud. 

Traditional in-house servers require hardware- and that hardware requires regular maintenance. Servers should be upgraded every 5 years, which is both time-consuming and extremly costly. 

Moving to the cloud will eliminate hardware, and the need to upgrade and maintain it, saving you money.


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Quick Scalability

Manufacturers tend to have busy and slow periods throughout the year, so being able to scale up and down quickly can be a huge advantage. Unfortunately, traditonal servers are extremely costly and time consuming to scale up, and if you have too much storage, you're paying for space you're not using. 

Cloud servers allow you to scale up or down within hours, so you save time and only paying for the resources you're using- perfect for the manufacturing industry!



Share Across Multiple Locations

Most manufacturers have multiple locations, requiring many to host servers at all their locations. This can not only be expensive, but it also makes sharing data from location to location very difficult- not to mention, insecure.

Cloud-hosted servers can easily be accessed from any location making it much easier to share your data across all of your locations. 


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