Tableau Server Health Check

by Hannah Barrett, on February 1, 2023

Tableau Server Health Check One-Pager

What is a Tableau Server Health Check?

Who has time for slow load times or issues with key dashboards needed for daily decisions? If you're experiencing day-to-day issues with Tableau server, it may be time for a checkup to diagnose the issues, and get everything working correctly again: a Tableau Server Health Check.

Certified Tableau experts will evaluate your server environment and deliver a comprehensive report to help you identify and mitigate risks before any major problems arise. As a neutral third party, the Arkatechture team can help identify areas of improvement, strengths, and recommendations to help you get the most out of your deployment, as well as follow-up and make these recommended enhancements.

How do you know you need a health check? 

Here are some symptoms you can look out for: 

  • Slow load times or latency issues
  • Outdated Tableau version
  • Access or Single Sign-On (SSO) issues
  • Issues with dashboard performance

Sound familiar?

5 Questions before you get started:

  1. What are your key goals and objectives for this engagement?
  2. What are your pain points?
  3. What is your roadmap for expanding analytics capabilities in your organization?
  4. Who are the key stakeholder in your organization who use the Tableau dashboards?
  5. What dashboards are currently used by the stakeholders?

After starting off with these 5 questions, Arkatechture offers a questionnaire that screens for operational and technical issues. Here are some examples of operational and technical information we would screen:

Operational Information:

  • Do you have any issues with VPN?
  • What are your typical load times?

Technical Information:

  • What version of Tableau are you running? 
  • How do users log-in to your server?
  • What are the databases that you use?

How Arkatechture Performs a Tableau Server Health Check

  1. Assess - We assess the size and configuration of your server, the performance of all data extracts and dashboards, server security, and more
  2. Diagnose - We parse through server logs and review usage metrics to diagnose the root cause of any issues
  3. Recommend - We present findings, best practices, and recommendations that you can act on immediately

The process is easily outlined in this one-pager!

Tableau Server Health Check Resource Image cover

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