Tableau 101: Tableau Acronym Cheat Sheet

by Katie Paige, on September 1, 2016

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Along your Tableau journey, you might have come across some confusing acronyms that Tableau uses. Here's a quick cheat sheet: 



Tableau Workbook File (TWB): 

An XML document which contains all the information about your sheets, dashboards and stories



Tableau Packaged Workbook (TWBX): 

A package of compressed files, including a data source file, TWB and any other files used to create the workbook


Tableau Data Extract (TDE): 

A file format for compressed data sources



Tableau Data Source (TDS):  

An XML document that has the metadata about your data source.  Holds defaults for fields (color, aggregation, format), calculated field logic, etc.



Tableau Packaged Data Source (TDSX):  

All of the attributes of a TDE but with the metadata from the TDS on top of it.


The Information Lab has a more detailed explanation of the file types and extensions - read more here!


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