How Scott Credit Union Established Consensus for an Actionable Data Strategy

by Hannah Barrett, on January 30, 2024

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Scott Credit Union's Data Journey 

Founded in 1943, Scott Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, serving over 150,000 members across 29 counties in Illinois and Missouri. While their legacy spans decades, their approach to data analytics was in need of a contemporary transformation.

Until recently, Scott Credit Union operated without a comprehensive data warehouse or analytics program to fully support and scale their operations. Their reliance on an SQL database, coupled with manual data manipulation in Excel, fell short of fostering data democratization and self-service access for their workforce.

Recognizing the critical role data plays in achieving business objectives, including improved business performance and member experience, Scott Credit Union identified the need to upgrade their data analytics capabilities as a top priority. The challenge was clear: how could they evolve to support their growing member base and business goals in a scalable and efficient manner?

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Data Strategy for Credit Unions & Banks

Scott Credit Union partnered with Arkatechture for a Data Strategy Assessment (DSA). This strategic collaboration aimed to build a robust business case and a Return on Investment (ROI) roadmap, justifying the investment in a modern analytics environment. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, Scott Credit Union's commitment to modernizing data analytics reflects their dedication to staying ahead of the curve to drive growth, enhance member experiences, and more.   

Regardless of whether you choose to go with Arkalytics, understanding current pain points, identifying what is valued most from a data analytics platform, and determining a list of priorities needs to be done.  With the DSA engagement, Arkatechture took the lead, leveraging their proven methodology delivering a roadmap for how to get where we want to be each year in our data analytics maturity journey.”
- Jeff Roderick, VP of Information Technology, Scott Credit Union

Having an outside perspective helped validate the conclusions we had come to independently leading up to the DSA, and provided additional insight above and beyond what we had already considered.”

- Jeff Meile, Manager of Core Sytems & Data Analytics, Scott Credit Union

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Check out the full Case Study

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