Premier Community Bank Selects the Arkalytics Data Warehouse Solution

by Hannah Barrett, on January 23, 2024

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Premier Community Bank has partnered with Arkatechture to unify disparate systems, gain valuable insights into customer behavior, and enable data-driven decisions.

Premier Community Bank, a forward-looking community bank committed to excellence in how they serve their customers in Wisconsin, has announced its strategic partnership with Arkatechture, a technology company dedicated to empowering organizations to leverage data to gain insights and make data-driven decisions to optimize their customer experience and business performance.

The decision to select and implement Arkatechture's Arkalytics platform will empower Premier Community Bank to unify disparate systems, enhance data accuracy, use dashboards to gain valuable insights on customer behavior, and improve overall business performance. Premier Community Bank sought a solution to consolidate data from various sources into one cohesive data analytics platform to address challenges they faced managing data across disparate systems that were not integrated, including data accuracy, trustworthiness, and timeliness.

Premier Community Bank previously worked with another data analytics vendor for the past five years but recently learned that the solution was being sunset. The urgency to find a long-term solution led them to Arkatechture’s Arkalytics platform because of its ability to meet the requirements of their previous platform, address areas of their business beyond financial reporting, and provide additional tools and capabilities beyond the previous reporting solution.

The discovery of Arkatechture initially began with an introduction from their previous data analytics vendor. The Premier team was attracted to the standard workbenches and configurable dashboards in Arkalytics. Arkalytics also provides the capability for the bank to build its own custom dashboards and reports using conformed and integrated data.

The Arkalytics platform emerged as the ideal solution, streamlining the process of bringing diverse data sources together and presenting them in a unified, user-friendly format, providing baseline views for all users, and additional data analysis tools for visualization, predictive analytics, and process automation for advanced users.

Our goal is to return to the level of data utilization we had previously achieved and go beyond that by leveraging Arkatechture's innovative platform,"

- Morgan Mielke, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Premier Community Bank.

We aim to enhance our understanding of customers, their usage trends, and tailor solutions to their specific needs. The efficiency gained through readily available, easily digestible data is a significant advantage for us."

By partnering with Arkatechture, Premier Community Bank looks forward to optimizing its operations, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data, and utilizing advanced analytics to tailor solutions for its diverse customer base.

We are very excited to partner with the team at Premier Community Bank. Premier Community Bank is eager to get its data visualization back on track after the sunset of their existing solution. We’re energized with the opportunity to deploy our technology-driven solution, Arkalytics,  for the internal analytics of their core, general ledger, and mobile & digital banking data. Premier Community Bank will mature past previous solutions and bring in more data to Arkalytics, expanding their analytics capabilities.  The partnerships between Premier Community Bank and Arkatechture will allow Premier Community Bank to gain a deeper understanding of their customer's financial journey and provide even more financial support to their customers."

-Brad Miller, Account Executive at Arkatechture

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Brad Miller, Account Executive at Arkatechture

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Morgan Mielke, Vice President Chief Financial Officer, Premier Community Bank

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