Arkatechture and AWS Improve the Member Experience with ORNL FCU

by Hannah Barrett, on January 24, 2023


ORNL & AWS case study

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ORNL Federal Credit Union (FCU) worked with AWS Partner Arkatechture to:

  • Implement a data analytics platform built on AWS
  • Break down data silos
  • Give employees self-service business intelligence and predictive capabilities
  • Save 300 hours of annual programming time
  • Improve the member experience

If you'd prefer to check out the resource on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) page, go here for the full story!

Unifying Data in the Cloud with Arkalytics

ORNL FCU wanted a solution that scaled as it grew, that did not require purchasing and maintaining physical hardware. ORNL FCU uses Arkalytics, a data analytics platform built on AWS, to integrate data from different banking systems and see it in a single dashboard view. 

The automated Arkalytics data pipeline processes and refreshes member data every night, so ORNL FCU has access to the latest data each morning.

Arkalytics processes more than 300 data files overnight, so we don’t have to constantly make sure the data is uploaded and processed correctly. When we’re in a morning meeting, we know we’re looking at the latest information.”

-Becky Curry, SVP of Data Intelligence at ORNL Federal Credit Union

Improving the Member Experience

Taking advantage of the Arkalytics data studio, ORNL FCU quickly developed a new transaction heat map dashboard, which displays a detailed transaction analysis by day of the week, time of day, and branch location to optimize staffing levels across 28 physical branches.
With the transaction heat map, we can right-size staff within each branch because we can see exactly how many employees we need at each location. This positively impacts member service because we have the right number of staff, particularly at branches with higher traffic.”

- Becky Curry, SVP of Data Intelligence at ORNL Federal Credit Union

For the complete story, check out the full case study!

Check out this video to learn more about how ORNL Federal Credit Union has leveraged its partnership with Arkatechture!

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