Mass Bankers Selects Arkatechture as Preferred Data Analytics Vendor

by Devin Cook, on March 13, 2024

The Massachusetts Bankers Preferred Vendor Program selected Arkatechture as the Preferred Vendor for data and predictive analytics and a key partner for helping to drive the digital transformation goals of member banks.

Arkatechture, a leading data and predictive analytics solutions provider, announces its strategic partnership with the Massachusetts Bankers Association (Mass Bankers) to help improve business performance, customer experience, and digital transformation within the banking industry. 

The Mass Bankers Preferred Vendor Program is committed to finding best-in-class vendors to drive the digital transformation goals of its member banks. Mass Bankers selected Arkatechture as the Preferred Vendor for data and predictive analytics based on Arkatechture’s track record for empowering banks to grow revenue, increase margins, reduce cost, and innovate through data analytics.

This is bringing a world-class solution to banks for managing and handling their data analytics that perhaps they would not be able to do on their own… What clearly appealed to us about Arkatechture is not only the solutions themselves, but also the way that you would work with a bank.” - Kathleen Murphy, Mass Bankers

kathleenMass Bankers recognizes Arkatechture's unique approach and partnership model for training and empowering banks to benefit from integrated data that generate actionable insights, enable data-driven decisions, and create an easier way to view and analyze their overall customer base. 

Arkatechture's Data Hub strategy is central to the partnership, designed to provide banks with robust data management capabilities essential for deploying and getting more value out of fintech tools such as CRM, call centers, predictive analytics, chatbots, and others. By operationalizing the way community banks manage and share data, this collaboration aims to position community banks as leaders in innovation and customer-centricity.

“The problem and challenges used to be more just core only, as far as getting the data from that, but this was exacerbated when all of the fintechs popped up and the cores couldn’t necessarily keep up with all of the change that’s happening and the digital transformation. So that 360 view of the customer is now in 14 different systems instead of the one primary…so that’s what I love about us working together and that trust that you established with the relationships with your members and how we can collaborate there, for an underserved market that hasn’t been able to have access to the data they need to survive and thrive into the future, so we’re really excited about this relationship.” - Jamie Jackson, Arkatechture

The partnership underscores Mass Bankers’ dedication to serving its members and fostering collaboration among banks. By leveraging Arkatechture's expertise, Mass Bankers aims to accelerate digital transformation initiatives and enhance the competitiveness of member banks.

Arkatechture and the Mass Bankers are poised to redefine the future of banking through innovation, collaboration, and data-driven insights. As the industry continues to evolve, this partnership stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change.

Ultimately, the partnership with Arkatechture enhances our member banks’ competitiveness, as it provides them with more knowledge to make better decisions.” - Tanya Duncan, Mass Bankers


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