Machias Savings Bank Partners With Arkatechture for Data Analytics

by Hannah Barrett, on January 2, 2024

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Machias Savings Bank is implementing Arkatechture’s Arkalytics solution to generate insights and make data-driven decisions that will impact top business and customer experience goals. 

Machias Savings Bank has partnered with Arkatechture as their data analytics provider. Machias Savings Bank was established in 1869 and is one of the oldest community banks in Maine. It is their mission to improve Maine's financial health- one person, one business, and one community at a time. 

When Jamie Clisham joined the Machias team as VP of Data Analytics, she had previous experience with best-in-class database and visualization technologies. She recognized Machias would need a more modern and more expansive solution moving forward to replace one that was being sunset by their previous data analytics solution provider. 

Arkatechture’s business intelligence, data and predictive analytics, and data visualization solutions were on Clisham’s predecessor’s shortlist before she took over as VP of Data Analytics at Machias. She realized upon further evaluation of the shortlisted vendors that Arkatechture was the best fit for driving Machias’s business and customer experience goals across the major functions of the bank based on their demonstrated track record for partnership with their Arkalytics customers, their modern technology stack, and capability to integrate their data sources. 

Arkatechture’s Arkalytics solution provides pre-built dashboards and the ability for the Machias team to build custom dashboards and data visualizations to help support goals for generating actionable insights. Additionally, the solution will empower each employee to make more data-driven decisions, improve business performance, and enhance the overall customer experience. The Machias team’s experience with Arkatechture also made them confident that this was an opportunity for a great long-term partnership. They could tell that the Arkatechture team is one they can lean on and count on to be an extension of their team. 

Your (Arkatechture) technology stack is the best of the best, but you’ve also made it easy for people to use. It’s not intimidating,” commented Jamie Clisham on the Arkalytics platform.

Machias’s goals for the partnership are to show the bank’s team how truly integrated data and insights can play a critical role in driving the bank’s strategy forward. They plan to team up with Arkatechture to help them better understand the bank’s customers, so they can help them grow and thrive.

Jamie Clisham, VP of Data and Analytics, Machias Savings Bank

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