Our Favorite New Services from AWS Re:Invent 2016

by Chris Bond, on December 2, 2016

In a keynote today by Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon.com, Amazon Web Services announced a host of new managed services and features. The keynote centered around transformation, which Vogels took quite seriously as he sported a blue & red t-shirt with the transformers logo on it. He invited a handful of guests on stage to speak about their journey to the cloud, among them were D.J. Patil - Chief Data Scientist of the White House, and Jeff Lawson - CEO of Twilio.


The new AWS announcements cover a wide variety of customer needs from development, testing, and deployment to real-time monitoring and security to new serverless functionalities.

Here’s a quick rundown of a few services announced today that we’re most excited about

  • GlueA fully managed ETL service built on top of AWS. As data people - we here at Arkatechture are really excited about this service. We’ve used a few different ETL tools to interface with AWS but the idea of a native one built specifically for the platform is seriously exciting.

  • CodeBuildA fully managed build environment for compiling code, running tests, and deploying packages. Classic AWS pricing model, too: billed by the minute.

  • PinpointTargeted push notifications for mobile apps. Pinpoint allows marketing teams to define who to engage through creating push campaigns. After you launch your campaign you can track its performance to better understand the behavior of your users.

  • X-RayA comprehensive tool to analyze and debug your production serverless applications. X-Ray helps you determine if you’re over or under any service limits so you keep your environment as efficient as possible.

Check out the AWS Blog for a full list of what was announced this week, this post only scratches the surface. And stay tuned for for more AWS content!

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