Armstrong Bank Partners with Arkatechture to Democratize Data

by Hannah Barrett, on August 22, 2023

Armstrong Bank press release 

Armstrong Bank, a community bank headquartered in Muskogee, Oklahoma has chosen Arkatechture as their partner to provide data warehouse solutions in order to personalize customer communications and democratize their data for self-service.

Since 1909, Armstrong Bank has taken pride in providing exceptional customer service. As a family-oriented bank with 29 locations across Oklahoma and Arkansas, our bankers live and work in the communities they serve. For more than 100 years, Armstrong Bank has worked hard to help their customers achieve their financial goals and dreams through smart and dependable banking services. Their mission is to be the bank you would recommend to friends and family, and they always strive to exceed community and customer expectations. 

When Armstrong Bank started their process of reviewing data analytics providers, they knew they wanted something fully-hosted, built on a modern tech stack, with prebuilt reports, and the ability to customize. In addition to checking all of these boxes, Arkatechture stood out as the only vendor using Tableau and Snowflake technologies. After speaking with the Arkatechture team, they felt confident that they could get what they wanted through this partnership.

We want to make it easy for our bankers to quickly see the data they need to better serve our customers,” commented Nick Jones, EVP & Chief Information Officer at Armstrong Bank. “We look forward to utilizing Arkalytics and partnering with Arkatechture to maintain customer relationships in a digital world.

During the process we got to spend time with numerous people over at Armstrong Bank. It’s very clear that in addition to being passionate about football and ranching, that they are extremely eager to take their data journey to the next level. Outside of the typical financial and regulatory reporting, they see data as a tremendous strategic asset and are ready to jump right into truly building a data driven organization. We are thrilled that they chose us as their partner to embark on this journey and while we won’t be able to solve their football rivalries, we will absolutely enable them with data driven decisions across the board!” commented Jamie Jackson, CEO & Founder of Arkatechture.

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