Arkatechture Expands 4-Day Workweek Benefits

by Hannah Barrett, on August 14, 2023

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Extending Arkatechture's 4-Day Workweek to More Employees

Named one of the Best Places to Work in Maine for the 6th year in a row, Arkatechture has officially extended its 4-day workweek benefit to all employees who have been with the company for at least 3 years! Previously, this benefit was limited to employees that had at least 5 years of tenure at the company.

The goal behind a four-day workweek is to achieve the same results in fewer hours so people have more time to pursue other interests, spend time with loved ones, and manage their lives. Our mission is to build a sustainable organization built upon these 3 pillars:

  • Do something meaningful
  • With a great team
  • Earning what you deserve

Our goals for the 4-day workweek are:

  • Happier Employees!
    ○ Stronger Mental Health
    ○ Better work-life balance
    ○ Fewer burnouts
  •  Higher productivity levels
    ○ Research shows: Less time at work = Better focus at work
  • Improved Efficiency
    ○ More time to manage household and life responsibilities outside of work 
  • More Teamwork
    ○ Increased engagement

As a start to Arkatechture's longtime dream to be a 4-day workweek company, the benefit was put into effect in September 2022 for employees who have been with the company for 5 years. So far, it has been a smashing success! Here's some feedback they had: 

How has the 4-day workweek changed your life? 

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I am more relaxed and have better focus during the 4 days I am working. Less fatigued by the end of the week. Definitely been more productive."

"I feel much more refreshed consistently. come Monday morning and I am ready and willing to do my work when the week starts. It has allowed me to do things I never made time for before like spend time on writing, photography, I've read so many books this year... it's added so much more 'life' to my life."

"100% positive change, the extra time to get all the noise settled so the weekend can be used for time with friends and family has been so awesome."

"I’m a better dad and husband because of it."

What have you been able to do with the extra spare time? 

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Start a blog, read 20+ books this year, spend countless hours outside in the fresh air, take care of errands, start crafts and projects I never made time for before... so many things!"

"Lots of photography, stargazing, music, camping, other hobbies, household projects, errands, and just relax and de-stress."

"Book all my appointments on Fridays without even thinking about a calendar conflict. Took the kids skiing more times this winter than all previous years combined, long weekend camping trips, home maintenance projects, learn how to fix things on my vehicle, never neglect my exercise routine."


Do you think the 4-day workweek model is effective?

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I do, I feel like I work straight through the last hours of my work week whereas before Thursday afternoons and Fridays I could feel my productivity slipping."

"Definitely! I use my time much more efficiently, and correspondence with the arka team as well as customers is much more purposeful and succinct which is awesome! Straight to the point, less unnecessary fluff meetings and communications."

"I feel fully rested after my weekends because I'm able to get my personal checklist mostly done and still have some leisure time. As a result I am operating at 100% when I'm online so I know Arka is getting my best work."
"Yes 100%. Its making my work weeks more effective and productive. I am happier at work to say the least and have more bandwidth for more work."


Could the 4-day workweek be the future?

We hope that this feedback might inspire other organizations to consider implementing a 4-day work week! 

Would you be interested in having a 4-day workweek someday? Check out our careers page!

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