5 Reasons Why Holistic Analytics is The Next Big Thing for Marketers

by Kayle Simpson, on June 9, 2016

In today’s modern marketing world, things change extremely quickly. One day Google changes SEO parameters, the next day a new social media app goes viral. How do you keep up? Sure, most social networks and web hosting platforms have their own analytics platforms, like HubSpot and Google Analytics - but you’re missing the big picture. This is where holistic analytics comes in! What is holistic analytics? It's exactly what it sounds like - it's getting all of your marketing data in one place, and then some! Here's why holistic analytics is about to be the next big thing in marketing:




Saves Valuable Time

As a marketer myself, I know how valuable time is in marketing. As marketers, we wear a constantly changing array of hats, and it’s not always easy to keep up. Keeping every marketing channel fresh and interesting, while also looking for new ideas and managing customer relations is no small feat! With holistic analytics, you can cut down on the time that you spend with your data, get the insights you need, and get back to developing your next big idea!


Provides Instant Insights Across All Channels

These days, there are so many different analytics platforms for marketers. As your marketing channels grow, so does your data. Additionally, some analytics platforms provide redundant data - like if you use Google Analytics as well as HubSpot, both track your website page views, traffic sources, and keyword rankings. What marketer has enough time to check all of these analytics when a lot of them provide the same data? 


Provides Insight You Wouldn’t See Elsewhere

When you combine all of your marketing analytics channels to one, you suddenly have insight that you couldn’t get elsewhere. Is your Facebook following growing at the same rate as your Twitter following? Do your social media interactions correlate with your website traffic? How has your latest ad campaign affected online sales? You won’t get answers to questions like these as quickly without having holistic analytics!


A Leg Up on Your Competition

One of the best things about having holistic analytics for marketing, is that it is entirely customizable - no one else will be getting the same information that you are. You can also directly compare your company’s data to your competitors public data and answer questions like “How much faster is my Twitter follower growing compared to theirs?”, “Is their audience interacting with the same types of content that ours are?”, and “Which of their pages are ranking in search engines on keywords we’re targeting?”


Integrate Non-Marketing Data

Ever wonder if the weather affects how many social media interactions you get? Or if your latest blog post about a specific product or service had an impact on sales? With holistic analytics, you can get these answers and more! It all depends on what data the rest of your company has, and getting that integrated with your marketing data! Holistic analytics is easily the best way to prove ROI for your marketing efforts, and delight your company with insights they can relate to! 

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Instead of wasting even more time wrangling all of your analytics together, the easiest way to get a holistic view of your marketing analytics is with a data warehouse, which you can read more about here! If you're already sold, click here to set up a consultation with the data experts at Arkatechture and let’s take your marketing to the next level!

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