33% Salary Growth: Rewarding Arkatechture's Talent

by Ryan Smith, on January 10, 2017

Arkatechture simply would not be Arkatechture without our amazingly talented employees. This is why we aren't shy about rewarding our talent. 

Our internal mantra here at Arkatechture is "Do what you enjoy, with people you enjoy working with, making the money you deserve." This has always been our model and we are always thinking of new ways to show appreciation for our team as they develop better skills, expand responsibilities and prove they are up to the challenge.

We don't just reward our talent with raises, we also offer full certification reimbursement, a vibrant company culture, generous yearly bonuses, and more benefits you can read about here! Happy employees are productive employees, so it's no surprise that we found recognizing and honoring our staff's achievements has lead to our expansive growth this past year

Below is an infographic with some stats we presented at a recent company meeting: 


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