Arkatechture Partners up with Analytic Marketing

by Hannah Barrett, on May 11, 2023

Analytic Marketing and Arkatechture

Analytic Marketing and Arkatechture are partnering up to enable credit unions and community banks the ability to deliver the right product or content to the right person in a timely, doable, and affordable way.

 The Partnership

Arkatechture CUSO, a technology company dedicated to empowering organizations with a better understanding of their business through data, has formed a partnership with Analytic Marketing LLC, a Maryland-based analytics company that uses both internal and external data to provide its clients with a comprehensive understanding of their customers and prospects.

By working together, Analytic Marketing and Arkatechture will provide targeted, needs-based analytics including segmentation, propensity modeling, LTV modeling and servicing for credit unions and community banks seeking to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, members, and market. This partnership will allow credit unions and community banks to access insights about their customers and market in a streamlined, efficient manner.

The primary objective of this partnership is to enable credit unions and community banks to better serve their members and clients while leveling the playing field with larger financial institutions. The partnership will provide access to high-powered tools, data, and insights that are typically only available to larger financial institutions. Analytic Marketing will offer credit unions and community banks a complete financial profile, a purpose-built segmentation system, propensity models, training and support, while Arkatechture will provide its expertise in credit union data, a secure environment for data aggregation, streamlined joint implementation processes, and robust dashboards.

The partnership with Arkatechture and Analytic Marketing means that the ability to deliver the right product or content to the right person at the right time is available, doable, and affordable,” said a spokesperson for the companies.

This partnership is poised to have a significant impact on the credit union and community bank industry at this critical time of hyper-competitiveness and economic disruption, providing much-needed insights and tools that will enable these organizations to better serve their members and clients. This is the easy and low-resource solution that credit unions and banks need to easily get up and running, and compete effectively in the marketplace.

Part of our journey as a CUSO and Data Partner is to advance our customers through their data journey as efficiently and effectively as we can. Leveraging our own curated insights/analytics is a leg of that journey. In addition to that, partnering with other fintechs like Analytic Marketing and leveraging their data and analytics will allow our customers to go further and faster through that journey. We're excited about what this partnership will bring to both our customers!” commented Jamie Jackson, CEO & Founder of Arkatechture.


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