#ArkaDay2016: Celebrating Arkatechture's Anniversary With A Scavenger Hunt

by Kayle Simpson, on September 15, 2016

As clients, friends, and family know - this past Monday was Arkatechture's official 4th birthday! Our Fun Committee (yes, we have a committee dedicated to Arka-fun) secretly planned a day outside of the office and, to suit Arkatechture's competitive nature, made a game of it!

For Arka Day, we developed a team-based scavenger hunt around Portland featuring tasks like "Find a data viz in the wild" and "go to a prior Arkatechture office location." We kept score by making everyone take pictures of each quest, and posting them to our special Arka Day Instagram account


It's starting!!!

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The Teams:

Each team was randomly chosen the morning of and made up of 3-4 Arkabots. While everyone got the same Arka Day t-shirt (which you may have seen if you were in Portland!), each team had a different color bandana to accesorize with. And, of course, each team was named after Maine-related things: Lobster, Moose, Seagull, Blueberry, and Pinecone!

The Challenges:

If you're just looking through the Instagram feed, you might be a little confused. We used hashtags and numbered each task to keep track of who accomplished what - for data quality purposes! Here's a list of all of the challenges and some of the great pictures taken for them:

Challenge #1: A Picture At a Prior Arkatechture Office Location (1 point per office)

Team Blueberry visited our former office in South Portland with two thumbs up!



#arkaday2016 #blueberry #1 #sopo

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Challenge #2: Visit A Team Member's Off-Site Interview Location (1 point)

Arkatechture is a little notorious for unconventional interviews, and at least one member on each team had their job interview at an off-site location. For example, here's Team Seagull members recreating Amy Elliott's interview at Ri Ra!



#arkaday2016 #seagull #2 interview round 2

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Challenge #3: Visit a Client Location (1 point per client, 3 if client employee in picture)

This challenge ended up making or breaking some teams, since there was no limit on how many submissions you could make. Team Moose got 3 points for this picture at Envirovantage, where we did application development work!



#arkaday2016 #moose #3 envirovantage!

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Challenge #4: Visit An Arkatechture Favorite Restaurant (1 point)

Since we've had a few offices around Southern Maine, team members had lots to choose from - including Margaritas, The Pottery Place Cafe, and Ricetta's - where Team Blueberry took their picture!



#arkaday2016 #blueberry #4

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Challenge #5: A Picture Of The Year Arkatechture Was Founded (1 point)

This one was kind of a trick, since we didn't explicitly say what year Arkatechture was founded - it was up to each team to remember! There were definitely some creative submissions for this one, but I have to rep Team Pinecone for killing two birds with one stone by getting exactly $20.12 worth of gas!



Founding year! #pinecone #arkaday2016 #5

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Challenge #6: Get A Stranger to Wear an Arkatechture Shirt (3 points)

Up until now, the challenges were pretty simple and straighforward. This challenge required the teams to be a bit more adventurous! We loved this artsy submission from Team Seagull - the excellent usage of Instagram filters just makes it!



#arkaday2016 #seagull #6 arka tees for the masses

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Challenge #7: Data Viz In The Wild! (2 points) 

This one allowed our team to get a little creative and keep their eye out for visualizations of data while they were out scavenging. Team Pinecone found this awesome coffee infographic at Coffee By Design, just around the corner from our office!



Data viz in the wild!! #pinecone #arkaday2016 #7

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Challenge #8: Three Person Pyramid at The Lobsterman Statue Downtown (2 points)

One of our sillier challenges, but every team managed to step up (on top of eachother) in front of this iconic Portland statue. Appropriately, here's Team Lobster's Lobsterman pyramid:



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Challenge #9: Be A Good Samaritan (2 points)

At Arkatechture, we greatly value doing good for our community. The Arka team did some great deeds today, like saving a runaway dog, giving directions to visitors, and paying for others' coffee - but we all found Team Seagull's video of Arkabot Ben Richey dramatically picking up some litter was easily the most entertaining!



#arkaday2016 #seagull #9

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Challenge #10: Exchange Business Cards With a Maine Business (2 points)

Huge shout out to the Jonathan Douglas Salon, which is located in one of our old offices, who tolerated a lot of our shenanigans - and even swapped business cards with a few of us, like in this pic with Team Moose member Chris Bond!



#arkaday2016 #moose #10

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Challenge #11: Interpretive Trending Topic Picture (1 point)

This challenge required team members to check out what was trending on Twitter and make a post about it! Team Lobster saw that the Patriots were trending, so team member Katie Paige snapped a pic with a mannequin sporting a Patriots logo!



Trending with the Pats #Arkaday2016 #lobster #11

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Challenge #12: #MakeoverMonday (2 points)

If you follow any of our vizzers on Twitter or are active in the Tableau community, you've probably heard of #MakeoverMonday where vizzers take to Tableau Public to visualize the same set of data.

However, for this challenge we asked the Arkabots to take #MakeoverMonday literally and makeover a team member! Team Seagull members Ryan Smith and Ben Richey looked snazzy in their made-over outfits.



#arkaday2016 #seagull #12

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Challenge #13: Get 2 New Followers on Twitter (2 points)

This challenge was one of the few that didn't require a photo, but at least one person from each team managed to accomplish this! Almost every Arkabot is on Twitter, so be sure to follow us!

Challenge #14: Picture of Entire Team on a Slide (2 points)

There are so many parks in Portland, so it would be a shame not to include them in our scavenger hunt! It was around this challenge that I started regretting not bringing my selfie-stick. All of our teams managed to get everyone in the picture, no selfie-stick needed, like this picture with all of Team Blueberry!



#arkaday2016 #blueberry #14

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Challenge #15:  Spaceship In The Wild! (2 points)

In case you didn't know, all of our conference rooms are named after famous sci-fi spaceships! We're all pretty geeky here at Arkatechture, and we aren't afraid to show it. Team Pinecone found this vintage book about space travel at, appropriately, Pinecone + Chickadee



#arkaday16 #pinecone #15

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Challenge #16: Sing "Higher" by Creed in Front Of A Music Venue (3 points)

This challenge is a reference to an inside joke we have at Arkatechture. One of our Software Engineers, Chris Reed, has the nickname "creed" since that ends up being his username in a lot of our internal applications (first initial + last name).

This is another challenge that produced some very silly content, so definitely check the rest of these out! Team Lobster killed this challenge with some dramatic camera work.



"Can't I sing forever?" -Jamie #arkaday2016 #lobster #16

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Challenge #17: Bring Back Your Team Mascot (2 points)

Another challenge that didn't require a photo, our teams brought back stuffed animals, candy, and postcards! 

Challenge #18: Your Team Mascot In The Wild (1 point)

Just to be clear, this challenge was not to literally find actual living wild moose, lobsters, etc. After accidentally taking a picture with a statue of an elk, Team Moose made up for it by snapping a selfie at Bullmoose!



#arkaday2016 #moose #18

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Challenge #19: Place an Arka Sticker Somewhere Permanent...And Legal (2 points)

If you've seen any of our laptops - you know we love Arka-branded stickers! We also love seeing them everywhere we go. After designing a brand new Arka sticker just for Arka Day, we gave each team one to place somewhere around Portland. Team Seagull placed theirs on the frame of this public bulliten board!



#19 #seagull #arkaday2016

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Challenge #20: Ask A Stranger "What Does Data Mean To You?" (3 points)

We got some amazing, insightful answers to this question! The most impressive answer was from this stranger that Team Blueberry found:



#arkaday2016 #blueberry #20

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Challenge #21: Last One! Chug A Full Can of Seltzer Water (2 points)


One thing that made Arka Day extra special, was that it was our newest employee's first day. Jess Dugas, our new Marketing Coordinator, took one for Team Pinecone and chugged a seltzer! Welcome to the team, Jess!



Welcome to Arkatechture, Jess! #pinecone #arkaday2016 #21

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 Wrapping It Up 

While the primary goal of the Arka Day activities was to have fun, we had to do something with data. So, each team was required to drive a car with an Automatic installed to track where each team went and how well they drove. We also tracked how many steps everyone took using FitBits, and we gave bonus points at the end for whichever team got the most steps, or ended the day with the highest Automatic driver score.

And, of course, we turned everything into a viz



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