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Solution Architecture


Data Engineering

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Data Visualization

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Advanced Analytics

"Know your core competencies and focus on being great at them." - Mark Cuban 

Why continue doing something yourself if someone else can do it better and for less money? This question is one that has likely come up at your business and here at Arkatechture, we have asked ourselves that very question. That is why we have strategically partnered with other firms that specialize in things we just aren't that great at - like accounting and human resources for example. It has allowed us to be focused at what we are rock stars at - all things data.

Spend your time on what you do best!

We are now able to spend our time focusing on empowering clients with a better understanding of their business through data, helping solve their data challenges and showing them how to leverage their data in brand new ways. And we don't worry about the balance sheet and the updates to our handbook anymore - because our expert partners have that covered for us! 

Lower costs and increase data driven results!

Imagine if you could repurpose the time you take on gathering, reporting, analyzing, and managing your data and could instead spend it on delivering a better product or service to your customers. With Arkatechture’s Managed Services, you now have the ability to put the focus back on your core business competencies, allowing you to more easily achieve business goals. We are there to help you see real, data driven results in your business by doing what we do best - by being the data geeks that we are.

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Want to learn more about how our Managed Services can help your business?

With Arkatechture's Managed Services, you can trust in our technology agnostic and no-nonsense streamlined process-oriented approach. While we support your business objectives, you will be able to fully leverage our services to get the data driven business results you desire.

We work with you to set a monthly budget that works for your business. No hidden fees or up-charges, just a predetermined budget friendly, monthly amount to deliver all the value and service levels you require.

Let's chat about your Managed Services needs today.

Managed Services Covers All Your Data Needs


Solution Architecture

Defining & designing the solution to solve your data problems.

  • Technical Vision Solution (Current & Future State)
  • Application & Business Process Assessment
  • Design and Develop Solution & Applications
  • Best Practices & Technical Documentation
  • System Integrations
  • Solution Implementation

Data Engineering

Stronger business intelligence & analytics start with building a lean data pipeline.

  • Extract, Collect, Load and Transform/Conform Data
  • Build Lean Data Pipeline
  • AWS Cloud Hosting
  • Infrastructure Administration & Management
  • Support & Maintenance
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Data Visualization

Foster quicker, more insightful decisions through interactive dashboards.

  • Develop Business Intelligence Roadmap
  • Automate Reports
  • Design Self-Service, Interactive Dashboards
  • Engagement & Training
  • Server Management
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Advanced Analytics

Harness your data pipeline beyond traditional business intelligence. 

  • Define Analytical Strategies
  • Data Mining
  • Discover Customer Insights
  • Develop Predictive Models
  • Orchestrate Analytics into Business Processes

It's time to simplify and focus on your business' core...

By partnering with Arkatechture, an expert data technology company, you can relax knowing your data and and technology around your data is in the best hands.

Data technology is not your business's core competency - it's ours. Let us focus on what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best for your customers - while allowing you to more easily achieve your business goals.

So what are you waiting for? Start saving time and money now. Let's chat about Managed Services for your business today!