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Arkatechture & PureIT  Partnership Video

by Hannah Barrett, on March 18, 2021

We at Arkatechture (www.arkatechture.com) are excited to see our partnership with Pure IT (www.pureitcuso.com) strengthen credit unions with cutting edge Business Intelligence (BI) technology.

The partnership brings a combination of custom business strategy and leading data analytics serves credit unions throughout the nation, bringing data-driven decision making to the executive team.

"When you get to align with a group of passionate people that are here for a mission and a purpose, it's really kind of exciting because it brings both of our offerings to a whole new level."

- Jamie Jackson, CEO of Arkatechture


"Not only do we want to recommend what you do, we wanna use what you built to help augment some of our services that we provide to credit unions, and we want to enhance your stuff with our knowledge of credit unions, so it's been very collaborative."

- Jack Smith, CEO of Pure IT CUSO

Check out our partnership video to hear more from Jamie Jackson, CEO of Arkatechture, and Jack Smith, CEO of PureIT!


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