Data Quality Check:

Analyzing your data is key to assessing and improving practices. However, having clean data to analyze can be next to impossible when most departments enter information into various systems, using different languages and analysis methods, with little to no standard guidelines. Using custom data quality rules, Arkatechture can quickly expose the inaccuracies and gaps in your data, so you can easily improve your data quality.


Data Management:

Pharmaceutical companies have data coming from multiple systems, so we understand how difficult it can be to standardize this data, allowing it to be viewed from one unified source. This is why we have designed a solution that automates the integration of your systems, saving you hours of manual data collection and manipulation.


Data Visualization:

Having data is one thing, but understanding it is very different.  Let us visualize your data to answer the important questions you have about your company. Data visualization allows pharmacists to see patterns and outliers significantly faster than other mediums, so we’re sure to incorporate it into every data management strategy we come across. For our clients, we design customized dashboards, so data can easily be seen in a clean and visual format. Check out some of our dashboard here.


Serverless Big Data Storage:

Large amounts of data are produced per day for pharmaceutical companies, so finding a place to put it can be a challenge. Arkatechture can help you move your data into a secure, scalable, serverless data warehouse- or whatever storage solution fits your needs best.

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