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Data Management

Arkatechture can make your data more valuable by integrating of all of your data sources into one unified view. Our expertise and services include information architecture, tools, methods, best practices and technologies.

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Risk Management & Reporting

Arkatechture helps insurance companies create comprehensive reports and dashboards with a single, clear, enterprise view to allow insurers to accurately quantify their risksso they can make data-driven pricing and coverage decisions.


Cloud Migration

When you want to cut infrastructure costs, moving to the cloud is the logical choice. However, switching to the cloud can often delay important projects as it typically takes months for migration to be complete. Our AWS certified team can help you move your data into a secure, scalable data warehouse within weeks.

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Data Quality Check

 Arkatechture can quickly expose the inaccuracies and gaps in your data, so you can easily improve your data quality, expediting many operational processes, including billing and claims. 


System Integration

Imagine being able to view all products and services for one customer. Arkatechture can integrate all of your systems, for a holistic customer view, so you can maximize your profits. Integrating all your systems can also help your company easily share information across different departments.

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Data Visualization

Our visualizations will help you monitor the health of your operations at a glance and gain better insights into ways to remain profitable and competitive in the marketplace.
Check out some of our dashboards here.

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