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Data Quality Check

In order to grow both financially and clinically, healthcare facilities need to be able to analyze massive amounts of data. Unfortunately, too many healthcare facilities don’t have clean data, holding them back. Arkatechture can quickly expose the inaccuracies and gaps in your data, so you can easily improve your data quality, using a combination of pre-generated and custom data quality rules.

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Data Compliance Management

With classified information, comes strict regulations. Using a custom data warehouse, Arkatechture helps you manage your data, so you can easily meet compliancy for regulations, such as HIPAA.


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Data Visualization

Having data is one thing, but understanding it is very different.  Let us visualize your data to answer the important questions you have about your facility. Data visualization allows healthcare professionals to see patterns and outliers significantly faster than other mediums, so we’re sure to incorporate it into every data management strategy we come across. For our clients, we design customized dashboards, so data can easily be seen in a clean and visual format.
Check out some of our dashboards here.

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Electronic Health Record Migration Assistance

Healthcare facilities are trusted with highly classified information, which has caused many facilities to use paper documented patient data. In our digital world, healthcare facilities around the world are making the switch to EHRs. However, many are finding that making the switch is no easy task due to the lack of normalized data with their previous manual data collection. Arkatechture helps healthcare facilities take their newly digitally formatted data and transform and clean it for a smooth transition to EHR.

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